Missy Franklin on Fitness, Chipotle and Dreaming Big

Missy Franklin WSF
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With four Olympic gold medals and a record six gold medals at the 2013 World Championships in Barcelona, Missy Franklin will now need to find space for her Sportswoman of the Year award. The 18-year-old swimming sensation beat out finalists Kelly Clark, Mao Asada and Serena Williams, among several other top athletes — no small feat for a college freshman. DailyBurn caught up with Franklin at the 34th Annual Salute to Women in Sports for her tips on staying healthy, her love for Chipotle and what it takes to remain at the top of her game.

What’s been the key to staying in great shape?

Consistency. It’s easy to set a goal and really get after it for a couple weeks but then fall off after a while. The key is laying out your goal and knowing the exact things that are going to help you reach it — then sticking with them every single day.

What’s your favorite form of exercise?

Would it be too obvious to say swimming? I don’t think there’s a better form of exercise out there! It’s by far my favorite workout. I think it can be relaxing, too. It can really help clear you mind.

And your least favorite exercise?

Running. I can’t run to save my life. I wish I could but I can’t!

We hear you. What about a rewards system? Favorite cheat meal?

Definitely Chipotle. I love the brown rice and chicken burrito bowl, which you can still keep pretty healthy by adding lots of veggies and going easy on the heavy stuff.

Knowing everything you know now, what advice would you give your younger self?

Never set limits on your dreams. Never let anyone tell you what you can or can’t do. Dream as big as you want to and then get out and go after it.

Missy Franklin
Photo: Al Bello / Getty Images

For more on Missy’s career both in and out of the pool, follow her on Twitter at @FranklinMissy

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