5 Sandbag Exercises for a Full-Body Strength Workout

Sandbag Workout
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When it comes to getting in shape, functional fitness is a fan favorite. Unlike boring and less effective exercise machines, functional workouts target the moves and muscles we use on a daily basis. Imagine a workout routine complete with squats, presses, throws, slams and swings — oh my!

Trouble is, more moves mean more equipment. For instance, the exercise rundown mentioned above would require a set of dumbbells, a kettlebell and a medicine ball. Without all that gear, you’d be out of luck.

But then there’s the SandBell, a type of sandbag made from durable, stretchable neoprene filled with — you guessed it — sand. The versatile tool can be used to complete a creative and challenging total-body workout, at the gym, at home or on the road. Try this one below.

The Sandbag Workout

Complete the following five exercises as a circuit, performing each SandBell exercise for 30 to 60 seconds, resting up to 60 seconds between each move. After the fifth exercise, rest for two minutes, before repeating the circuit three more times (for a total of four rounds).

Sandbag Thrusters
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1. Thruster
Targets: Legs, shoulders, core
Combining a front squat and an overhead press, the thruster is effective at working both the legs and lungs. To begin, grab hold of the SandBell with two hands. With the weight at chest height, sit back and down into a squat. Pressing off the heels, use the legs to explode out of the squatted position (a). At top of the squat begin to press the weight overhead. Then, return the weight to the chest and repeat the movement (b).

Sandbag Overhead Slam
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2. Overhead Slam
Targets: Legs, shoulders, core
Hold the SandBell at chest level with a firm grip on the outside edges. With a slight bend in the knees, explode off of the heels and drive the Sandbell overhead, while rising onto the toes (a). Now, slam the SandBell onto ground, between the feet, releasing the arms at the rib cage and snapping down onto the heels (b).

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Sandbag Power Clean
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3. Power Clean
Targets: Legs, back, core
Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and grasp the top of the SandBell, using both hands in an overhand grip. Hinge at hips, allowing the SandBell to sink between the legs (a). Thrust the hips forward, generating power from lower body to raise SandBell to chest height (b). As the SandBell reaches the chest, pull under the weight by rotating the SandBell towards the body and driving the elbows high (c).

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Sandbag Lateral Slam
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4. Lateral Slam
Targets: Legs, shoulders, arms, core
Begin by standing with feet shoulder-width apart, with the SandBell on the floor outside the right foot. Keep the chest up and core engaged while reaching down to grasp the weight (a). With two hands on the SandBell drive the hips forward while taking the weight overhead in an arching motion. At full extension, rotate to the left and slam the Sandbell outside the left foot (b). Sink down to pick up the SandBell and repeat the movement slamming back on the right side of the body (c). 

Sandbag Sit UP
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5. Weighted Sit-Up
Targets: chest, arms, core
Grip the SandBell on the outside edges with two hands and lay back onto the floor with knees bent in a traditional sit-up position. Extend the arms upward and press the weight off of the chest (a). Then, begin to sit up while continuing to press the weight up at the same time. At the top of the sit-up position the arms should be overhead before returning to the starting position (b).

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Originally posted on August 29, 2013. 

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