Knife Skills 101: How to Slice Tricky Vegetables

Knife Skills 101: How to Slice Tricky Vegetables
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If there’s one thing besides Game of Thrones that Americans could always use some more of, it’s…vegetables. With the power of fire-breathing dragons, these colorful foods battle disease thanks to the one-two-punch of antioxidants, plus essential vitamins and minerals. In other words, they’re one of the main rulers of your health. So it’s time to make ‘em reign.

If you need more convincing on veggies’ high-class status, science backs it up. Studies link diets high in produce to a range of health benefits, including a longer life, a shaper mind, lower risk of obesity and better heart health.

The best way to sneak more leafy greens, crispy reds and crunchy yellows into your day: meal prep. Cutting up vegetables ahead of a busy week helps ensure you reach for the good-for-you ingredients when you’re short on time. So we’re here to teach you all the tricks in chopping. Whether you’re looking to make low-carb pasta with spaghetti squash, a pretty beet-filled salad or some spinach and artichoke dip, go ahead and buy a whole bunch of the veggie. Then steal these knife skills to start slicing and dicing it right.

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Got Knife Skills? Tricks to Cutting Beets, Squash and More

Knife Skills 101: How to Slice Tricky Vegetables
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How to Become a Meal Prep Master

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