8 Lower-Calorie Nut Butter Recipes

8 Lower Calorie Nut Butter Recipes

We go nuts for peanuts, almonds and walnuts for good reason. Not only do they taste good, they’re good for us. They have heart-healthy fats, a high dose of fiber, and can help tide us over between meals. And once those nuts are turned into a creamy, dreamy spread (i.e. the better half to a PB&J) it’s easy to overdo it. Unfortunately, many store-bought, processed nut butters contain quite a few calories for a relatively small serving — generally clocking in around 200 calories per two-tablespoon serving. And did we mention additives like corn syrup, salt, sugar and vegetable oil? The recipes in this list cut down most of the junk and, for many, slash the calories in half. Time to get spreading!


1. Healthy Pumpkin Walnut Butter
Equal parts creamy and sweet, this walnut butter cuts the calories by adding in fiber-rich pumpkin puree. One two-tablespoon serving is just 100 calories, but a little goes a long way with a flavorful homemade pumpkin spice syrup built right in. Photo and Recipe: Jessica / Desserts with Benefits


2. Two-Times the Almond Butter
This simple mixture has just two ingredients — almond meal and almond milk. Plus, since almond meal is already ground, there’s no need to dirty up a food processor. The final product has fewer than 50 calories per tablespoon. Photo and Recipe: Kelly / Foodie Fiasco


3. Peanut Butter Honey Yogurt Dip
Whether you dip it or spread it, this three-ingredient recipe is a quick fix when a peanut butter craving strikes. The perfect pair for apple slices, carrot sticks or graham crackers, this dip is creamy and thick from the Greek yogurt. Photo and Recipe: Maria and Josh / Two Peas & Their Pod


4. Banana Butter
This spread is sweet from ripe bananas, contains less than half the calories of regular peanut butter, and is easier to spread than the real stuff. One 40-calorie tablespoon of this velvety banana butter makes for a perfect oatmeal topper or sandwich spread. Photo and Recipe: Katie / Chocolate Covered Katie


5. Protein-Packed Peanut Butter Spread
In a nutshell: This recipe is a nutritional masterpiece. Each two-tablespoon serving has just 90 calories and only one third the fat of traditional peanut butter. Add to that five grams of protein from vanilla brown rice protein powder. Though this spread uses soymilk, feel free to swap in unsweetened almond milk for an even lower-calorie recipe. Photo and Recipe: Jessica / Desserts with Benefits


6. Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Dip
Though cream cheese and peanut butter may not sound like a match made in heaven, combining the two produces a silky texture and rich flavor. For a healthier dip with even fewer calories, ditch the added sugar and swap in a teaspoon or two of maple syrup or honey. Photo and Recipe: Rachel / Rachel Cooks


7. Maple Cinnamon Almond Butter Sauce
This recipe is definitely more of a sauce than the others on this list, but that makes it perfect for mixing into smoothies or pouring over whole-wheat waffles. To cut the calories in half (compared to traditional almond butter), this version subs in vanilla-flavored almond milk, a bit of pure maple syrup and some cinnamon. Photo and Recipe: Angela / Oh She Glows 


8. Peanut Butter Cheesecake Dip
With plain Greek yogurt as the base, this dip is both low-calorie and protein-packed. The cheesecake flavor comes from sugar-free pudding powder while the peanut butter flavor comes from PB2 powdered peanut butter (a low-calorie, low-fat alternative). Photo and Recipe: Jennifer / Peanut Butter and Peppers

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