7 Products to Make Your Home Instantly Zen

7 Meditation Products for an Instantly Zen Home
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Between our uncharted levels of caffeine intake, busy work schedules and buzzing social lives, truly relaxing moments can be few and far between. But thanks to a handful of innovative companies dedicated to the art of pure relaxation, bringing your body and mind together in blissful unity isn’t as hard or time-consuming as you’d think.

From next-level meditation pillows to stress-melting massage stones, these zen must-haves make it easy to turn a few minutes of your day — or a corner of your cozy abode — into a full-blown meditative escape. Because, after all, the art of de-stressing isn’t just about what’s in your head. (Don’t believe us? Check out these feng shui tips to create a heavenly sleep space.)

So why not give yourself the gift of chilling the heck out…starting today. Just don’t be surprised when you start levitating.

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7 Meditation Products to Make Your Home Zen AF

Meditation Products for Zen: Undo Meditation Cushion
Photo: Undo

1. Gleefully Grounded

Unlike Gretchen’s most famous Mean Girls line, Undo generously invites folks interested in meditation to “Come sit with us!” The company is a purveyor of stripped-down, modern meditation gear, and its upholstered foam Undo Mediation Cushion offers just that with an ergonomic shape that supports the natural curvature of the spine. Not only will you say goodbye to slouching, you’ll be at ease to breathe, reflect and renew. This peace-inspiring seat also comes in three colors: cream, white and gray. Nothing like a supportive friend. ($150, liveundo.com)

Meditation Products for Zen: Acupressure Mat
Photo: Bed of Nails

2. Roll Out the Relief

Resting on a pointy mat and pillow might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for those in need of other-worldly muscle relief, the Bed of Nails Acupressure Mat and Pillow deliver. According to the ancient Indian theory of acupressure, poking at your pressure points encourages the body’s production of pain-relieving hormones that naturally help you feel better. Be sure to give the mat 10-plus minutes to work its magic! (Pillow $40, Mat $70, amazon.com)

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Meditation Products for Zen: Magic Carpet Yoga Mats
Photo: Magic Carpet Yoga Mats

3. Magic Carpet Ride

Rejoice! You can now bring home a magic carpet that would make even Aladdin green with envy. This 70-inch PVC Suzani Fog Magic Carpet Yoga Mat is great for yogis who want just a few more inches of room to master their pigeon pose. Plus, its gorgeous sustainably inked Suzani-inspired medallion patterns look pretty enough to pass as home décor when not in use. ($83, magiccarpetym.com)

Meditation Products for Zen: Aromatherapy Diffuser Humidifier
Photo: Foromans

4. Making Scents

Aromatherapy and humidifier, all in one! Available with dark or light faux wood grain, this affordable Humidifier and Essential Oil Diffuser gives off a cool mist and can cover anywhere from 375 to 430 square feet. With four timer options, a 12-hour mist/aroma lifespan, a light ring that has seven color options and endless essential oil possibilities, it’s an easy way to add even more good vibes to your most relaxing moments. Forgetful? Never fear! It has an automatic shutoff feature, too. ($44, amazon.com)

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Meditation Products for Zen: Meditation Box Sand
Photo: Uncommon Goods

5. Meditation on the Go

Perfect for your desk or bedroom, this small birch-wood Meditation Box with engraved words of wisdom makes meditation possible anywhere. Draw your thoughts or frustrations in the sand (provided), and easily brush them away when you’re through. ($85, uncommongoods.com) 

Meditation Products for Zen: Hot Stone Clamshell
Photo: Royal Massage

6. Rockin’ Massage

Thingamabobs? We’ve got plenty. Though this hot stone heater needs no introduction in terms of its cool factor. (Seriously, who else can claim that they have a stone-warming clamshell?) The Royal Massage Clamshell comes complete with 12 smooth stones, which warm to a stress-melting 122 degrees thanks to a set of inner dual heating plates. Just make sure to wait for the stones to cool a bit before use! ($80, amazon.com)

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Meditation Products for Zen: Muse Headset
Photo: Muse

7. Hi-Tech Reflection

This unique headset may be a splurge, but after a few uses, you’ll find it’s worth its weight in gold. As your own personal meditation assistant, the Muse headband uses brain-sensing technology to determine whether your mind is active or at rest. And with the help of headphones, you’ll be able to hear that brain activity translated into nature soundscapes. When you’re calm, you’ll hear peaceful weather sounds, and when your mind is busy, you’ll hear the weather intensify. Then, the correlating app will help you determine how your meditation went — and you can set goals for next time. How cool is that? ($249, choosemuse.com)

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