Must-Have Fitness Equipment for Your Home Gym

7 Home Gym Must-Haves
Convincing yourself to get up and get to the gym takes a little effort sometimes. Add to that the fact that you’ve been working late, and the days of locker rooms and weight machines may quickly become a thing of the past.  It’s OK not to make it out, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your fitness routine. Keep up with your workouts from your living room using these at-home fitness tools.

Gold's Gym Space Saver Weights

1. Solid Gold
Don’t let the end of summer be your excuse to neglect your training. These Gold’s Gym Space Saver Weights are adjustable, so you have five sets of weights — 2.5, 4.5, 6.5, 8.5, 10.5, and 12.5 pounds — in one. Up your load at your own pace while saving precious space! ($57;




GoFit ProGym Extreme

2. You Tubes
Looking for a low-impact way to build extra strength? Compiled in a tote bag, this GoFit ProGym Extreme includes five resistance bands, door anchors, handle grips and two ankle straps. Use them to perform the exercises in this arm workout.  ($60;





BodyFit Exercise Ball

3. Ball Game
The BodyFit Anti Burst Ball will help build core strength. Use it to do crunches, DailyBurn’s Cardio Sculpt workouts, or just to stretch out after a long day. It’s also a great substitute for a chair at the dinner table if you want to work on posture and don’t need back support. ($30; for store locations near you)




60Beat Blue Bathroom Scale

4. Forward Progress
Maintain a healthy weight gain with the 60Beat Blue bathroom scale. Simply download the app on your phone, sync the two devices using Bluetooth technology, then step on the scale. The number will automatically be transmitted to your mobile and logged so you can review your progression. ($50;



Gaiam Sol Yoga Block5. Helping Hand
It’s especially important to listen to your body and adapt based on your physical strength and ability. Can’t touch the floor in downward dog? Modify the move by placing your palms on the Gaiam Sol Natural Cork block. Use it to personalize other exercises as well in your yoga practice. ($20;






6. Wireless Journal
Weighing in at less than a gram, the touch-screen Withings Pulse tracks your activity throughout the day, including steps taken, distance covered, elevation, calories burned and quality of sleep. Place your finger on the heart rate sensor located on the back of the device, and then sync all your stats using the Withings Health Mate App. You can’t ignore your fitness when it’s displayed in front of you. ($100;




Lotus Yoga Mat

7. Straight Lines
There’s nothing like starting the day with a few sun salutations! Roll out this Lotus Alignment Yoga mat and use the designs printed on it to ensure your form is correct. It’s also helpful if your room doesn’t have wall-to-wall mirrors (don’t worry, ours doesn’t either!). ($15;



For more workouts you can do at home, visit DailyBurn.

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