Runtastic App: Take the Lead in a Fitness Fairy Tale

So you’re not the biggest fan of running, and you’re definitely not alone. Running is a sport that’s generally either loved or despised. But what if you could trick yourself into liking every step? What if you could vicariously live through a storybook adventure, and once upon a jog, distract yourself from the long road ahead? And just like that — Runtastic’s Story Running app sweeps in to save the day!

Runtastic Story Running AppChoose from four genres to find which is juuuust right: travel, where you journey through the Brazilian streets of Rio de Janeiro; fantasy, a voyage through a forbidden empire, with the mission of retrieving three unknown objects to restore order in the land; adventure, which has you escaping from prison, with dogs and guards on your tail; and motivation, where a personal coach helps you push your limits and reach new goals in fitness.

While some apps take a more clinical approach to tracking your run stats, Runtastic’s imaginative addition to the GPS Running, Walking & Fitness Tracker puts the emphasis on fun. By becoming the protagonist in an adventure tale, you won’t even notice you’re huffing and puffing — you’ll be too busy blowing your previous record down.

Worried about pace? Each 40-minute run comes complete with strategically placed sound effects to help runners subconsciously speed up or slow down as the plot unfolds.

And while one of the main focuses is to make running more enjoyable, Runtastic Story Running also helps users reach new goals, and like doing it.

Want to try it for yourself? Download the free Runtastic GPS Running app for iOS, Android or Windows, pay $0.99 for your story choice and take the lead role in your own fitness journey.

The End.

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