Blast Calories, Build Muscle with Daily Burn’s Power Cardio Program

When you think of athletes like Serena Williams, Lebron James, Usain Bolt and Simon Biles, one common attribute comes to mind: power. Whether they’re conquering the court, sprinting at insane speeds or soaring through the air, they all make it look easy.

But power doesn’t just apply to pro-level athletes. You can amp up your own cardio, strength and agility right at home — you just need a solid training plan. And that’s exactly where Daily Burn’s Power Cardio program comes in, giving your strength and endurance a boost.

“This workout program appeals to anyone who wants to change their health, sweat and have a little fun,” says CeCe Marizu, one of three trainers leading the Power Cardio program. “It provides a mix of cardio for people who love to keep moving and some strength to slow it down a bit.”

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Blast Calories, Build Muscle with Daily Burn’s Power Cardio
Photo: Ryan Kelly / Power Cardio

Power Cardio: The Perfect Total-Body Workout

The six-week Power Cardio program offers eight brand new workouts that mix cardio intervals and strength exercises. Plus you get a blend of kickboxing, athletic training, core conditioning and mobility. Talk about building an athletic advantage: It’s basically everything you want in a total-body program — making you stronger, faster and fitter.

“Mixing cardio and strength helps with cardiovascular efficiency, while also helping to build muscular endurance,” Marizu explains. “A lot of times we stay at steady-state in workouts — like longer runs or bike rides — and that’s good every now and again. But changing your intensity helps burn more calories, improves heart health, and in this workout it can help with weight loss and muscle building.”

The best part about the workouts, though, is that you can tailor them to your skill level. You choose your intensity and the difficulty of each exercise (trainers will show you two to three variations). But keep in mind the main objective: Pushing your limits. Strive to lift heavier, jump higher or move faster each week.

“It’s not supposed to be easy, but you are supposed to seek change,” says Marizu. “It’s about creating specific and measurable goals, too. Maybe that’s losing three pounds, or maybe it’s doing push-ups on your toes for eight whole reps. Be specific about what you want and this workout will help,” Marizu says. “What you put in is what you get out of it.” And we challenge you to go all-out.

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Blast Calories, Build Muscle with Daily Burn’s Power Cardio
Photo: Ryan Kelly / Power Cardio

Inside the Power Cardio Program

Three top instructors bring the upbeat energy and high-level training skills to each workout within Power Cardio. (If you’re a fan of Daily Burn 365, you’ll know their names and faces.) Marizu, a former competitive swimmer and kettlebell enthusiast takes you through athletic drills and anything-but-boring strength sets. Dara Theodore, a certified kettlebell instructor and mom of two, offers creative combination moves (think plank with hamstring curl and dumbbell swing to tricep extension) and killer plyometrics. Erika Shannon, a professional dance choreographer, brings the kickboxing sequences — with a side of core work and aerobic training.

The mix of different fitness techniques incorporated into each week — intervals, cardio, strength, core and mobility — allows you to push hard without overtraining. And while the plan calls for working out six days a week, you’ll never get bored with the invigorating mix of routines. Better yet, each workout is just 25 to 35 minutes, and gets more challenging as you progress through the program.

While several of the workouts call for equipment (dumbbells, a box or a medicine ball), they’re still effective if you choose to skip the gear and go bodyweight-only. You’ll just want to crank up the speed and maintain proper form.

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Blast Calories, Build Muscle with Daily Burn’s Power Cardio
Photo: Ryan Kelly / Power Cardio

The Pay-Offs of the Power Cardio Program

So what makes Power Cardio a standout program? All-in-one training — in a tough-but-totally-doable format. And because it integrates an athletic approach to movement with powerful plyometric exercises and agility drills, it will help make everyday tasks easier, too.

“When agility, cardio and strength come together it becomes magical,” Marizu says, especially if you happen to be weak in one of those areas. “Athletes rise to the occasion and keep going even when they aren’t good at things. In fact, they tend to work on things they aren’t good at even more than the things they are good at,” Marizu says. “Everyone is an athlete in my opinion. We all challenge ourselves in our daily lives and then we put it into our workouts.”

So now it’s your turn to get in the game. Join the Power Cardio team — and score a stronger you.

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