Need a Cardio Fix? Try This 5-Minute Kickboxing Workout

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Looking to refresh your cardio routine? Kickboxing is a great way to get your heart pumping, while also blowing off a little steam. (Take that, morning commute!) Plus, the high-intensity workout has also been shown to have a slew of other health benefits, including improved coordination, flexibility, strength and even increased mobility for some. And did we mention kickboxing is a solid way for all fitness levels to get moving? “You don’t need any prior experience to do the workout,” says Anja Garcia, Daily Burn 365 trainer. “The moves are easy to grasp on their own.” So don’t let the scary-sounding sport spook you: After running through this five-minute routine, you’ll be ready to take on anything.

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5 Kickboxing Moves to Get Your Cardio Fix

1. Front Push Kick
How to: Start standing, with arms firmly in guard in front of your face (a). Kick your right leg out, extending through the hamstring as you pull your arms down towards your hips (b). Return right foot to floor and repeat motion on your left side (c). Continue kicking, alternating legs for 45 seconds.

2. Combo Punch and Slip
How to: Start in fighter stance, with left foot forward and right foot back, arms in guard position in front of your face (a). Pivot slightly forward and throw a jab punch with your left hand, stepping forward with your left foot (b). Then, throw a cross punch with your right hand (c). Next, throw a hook with your left arm (d), then an uppercut with your right arm (e). Slip back by bending at knees before turning and switching sides, with right foot in front and left in back (f). Repeat the previous combination using opposite arms as directed; alternating sides for 45 seconds.

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3. Double High-Low
How to: Begin in fighter stance, arms in guard, left foot forward and right foot back (a). Quickly jab with your left arm, once up high, once down low (b). Repeat the sequence once more, focusing on your form (c). Next, do two jumping jacks with arms in guard, finishing in fighter stance with your right foot forward (d). Repeat above sequence with your right side, then alternate between both for 45 seconds (e).

4. Uppercut Squat Reach
How to: Start standing with knees slightly bent and arms in guard (a). Complete four uppercuts: right arm, left arm, then right arm, and left again (b). Next, take a full squat (or modify for an extra burn with a jump squat) (c). Repeat sequence for 45 seconds.

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5. Burpee Kick
How to: Start by standing in squat position (a). Place hands on the ground and extend left, then right back into plank position (or, jump back straight into plank pose) (b). Then, ring each leg back forward and return to standing. (For an extra challenge, throw in a jump here.) Kick your right leg out, then left leg (c). Repeat sequence for 45 seconds.

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