This Is How Many Calories You’re Burning in an Hour

This Is How Many Calories You Burn During Exercise
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Curious how many calories you’re torching during one hour of your favorite workout? Sure, exercising for the endorphins is great. (And seriously, we’re all about squeezing in a a fun sweat session every day.) But if you’re trying to maintain or lose weight, it can be helpful to have at least a ballpark idea of how much energy you’re expending, too.

Talk to almost anybody who’s lost a serious amount of weight, and they’ll likely tell you that tracking what they burned and consumed was key to their success. Plus, how else will you know whether you can afford to splurge on that giant protein cookie post-spin class?

If you’re into rowing, lifting or high-intensity workouts, you’ll be happy to know your time in the gym has been well worth it. But remember, exercise isn’t all about the calories. While Pilates might not burn much, compared to say, boxing, it sure is a great way to strengthen your core.

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Here’s how to figure out whether you’re burning 200 or 600 calories in your next 60-minute routine.

Your One-Hour Calorie Burn Calculator

This Is How Many Calories You Burn During Exercise
Photos: Pond5

Feeling the Burn

Whether you’re hooked on boxing, love running or get peace of mind from Pilates, congrats on making time for fitness in your life. And remember, it’s more about how you feel than the numbers of calories you’re blasting when you’re sweating it out. Need extra incentive to hit the gym? Just look to any of these 19 reasons to work out (beyond the perfect body).

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