#MondayMotivation: THIS Is How You Cross a Finish Line

MondayMotivation RunDisney Wheelchair Finish Line
Photo: Courtesy of RunDisney

When you train for a long-distance race, it’s easy to forget the real goal of the run: That sweet, sweet feeling of crossing the finish line. After all, you likely spent weeks prepping your body, improving your diet and religiously following a training plan, all in an effort to feel your best on race day. And there’s no greater reminder of that exact accomplishment than that epic finish line photo.

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Which is precisely why the above shot, shared by our friends at RunDisney, is our #MondayMotivation for the week. This finisher photo is the embodiment of what it feels like to achieve greatness — and that’s just what this wheelchair participant did.

Even more exciting: Now wheelchair athletes can follow their training progress thanks to the launch of FreeWheel, a new tracker designed by Chaotic Moon Studios. Unlike other fitness trackers, the FreeWheel takes into account factors unique to wheelchairs, like the muscles needed to move the chair and the condition of the road or path. More specifically, FreeWheel has a barometer, a gyroscope and an accelerometer to measure speed, acceleration, distance, altitude, incline and decline. Bluetooth transmits the data to a corresponding app and can sync with data from other devices, such as heart-rate monitoring wearables like the FitBit Charge HR.

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Although there’s no official release date, expect to see FreeWheel launch in the next few months, and for now, get pumped by watching the video below. Inspired to sign up for a race? Check out our favorite 30 marathons across the globe, 50 favorite half-marathons in the U.S., or peruse the upcoming races RunDisney has on the calendar. Now that’s some #MondayMotivation, right?

Now we want to hear from you! Tell us how you get pumped up for the week and tweet us @dailyburn using #MondayMotivation.

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