15 Motivational Mantras From Instagram’s Fittest

Some days you wake up feeling amazing, unstoppable and ready to conquer the world — or at least 30 minutes doing your daily DB365 workout. Other days? Not so much. (Hits snooze.)

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For those days, instead of giving up or sleeping in, scroll through 15 these motivational mantras from the fittest people around. From a bit tough love to “OMG you’ve got this,” these mantras are empowering, uplifting — and yours for the taking!

The 15 Most Inspiring Instagram Accounts

1. The ’Grammer: Tara Stiles
Her MO: This famous yogini and founder of New York City’s Strala Yoga lives by one rule: “Make your own rules.” Easy enough advice to follow, right?

2. The ’Grammer: Jeanette Jenkins
Her MO: Jenkins, creator of The Hollywood Trainer Club (she works out Kelly Rowland — and have you seen her abs?), just wants you to be the best version of yourself. Her jam is kindness: Do unto others, support one another, lift each other up, and make the world a better place. However, her no-BS attitude makes it totally awesome and not at all cheesy. Promise.

3. The ’Grammer: Natalie Uhling
Her MO: Under Armour athlete and NuFit trainer Uhling is a self-proclaimed “woman of will.” Instead of preaching “better sore than sorry,” she encourages confidence and empowerment above all else.

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Misty Copeland Motivational Mantras Instagram

Photo: Instagram/@mistyonpointe

4. The ’Grammer: Misty Copeland
Her MO: Ballet’s It Girl — not only did Copeland become the first black principal dancer at the American Ballet Theatre earlier this year, she also wrote a book, starred in a movie about her life, appeared on countless TV shows and specials — wins for “Prettiest Instagram Account.” Whether or not you’re actually into tutus and tulle, this woman’s strength and fortitude will get you psyched for your own workout.

5. The ’Grammer: Cassey Ho
Her MO: POP Pilates creator Cassey Ho practically started a revolution with her “The ‘Perfect’ Body” YouTube video while she was still in college. But even the fittest, most fabulous people get haters and body shamers. Yet Ho turned it into something positive, as she does it daily on her own feed. (Bonus: She’s fun, hilarious, and super quirky. Relatability central!)

6. The ’Grammer: Lita Lewis
Her MO: A lot of the “fitspo” on the internet is less about reality, and more about that perfect pose. Enter fitness advocate Lita Lewis, creator of Body Blast Bootcamp, who reminds us that it’s better to be authentic and real than to strive for a faux idea of perfection. Yes, please.

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Meb Kefligzhi Motivation Mantra Instagram

Photo: @runmeb

7. The ’Grammer: Meb Keflezighi
His MO: Beloved distance runner Meb Keflezighi — he’s won both the Boston Marathon and the New York City Marathon, and has represented Team USA in the Olympics — encourages fans to “run to win.” But that doesn’t necessarily mean placing first, but rather being your best, whatever that means on whatever day. We can totally get on board with that.

Shaun T Motivational Mantra Instagram

Photo: @shaunt

8. The ’Grammer: Shaun T
His MO: The creator of the wildly popular Insanity workout loves sharing bits of “Shaunspiration,” which are perfect for when 25 minutes a day (the length of his latest workout, T25) of Shaun just won’t cut it. And those abs, well, they’re serious fitspiration.

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9. The ’Grammer: Gunnar Peterson
His MO: Trainer to the stars Gunnar Peterson (he’s the one Khloe Kardashian credits for her daily butt-kicking sessions) is not only fun to follow for his celebrity-studded photos, but also because he regularly posts videos of his go-to workouts with a sassy side dish of humor. And it all comes with some quality inspo, too.

10. The ’Grammer: Chris Mosier
His MO: Chris Mosier made history by becoming the first male transgender athlete on Team USA, and continues making a name for himself in the triathlon world by working to make transgender athletes accepted and able to compete. He’s also tough as nails: Mosier’s most recent accomplishment was throwing down a 3:08:48 at the Chicago Marathon in October. (And he’s a Senior Health/Fitness Daily Burn Coach, too!)

11. The ’Grammer: Bethany Lyons
Her MO: Lyons, the co-owner of Lyons Den Power Yoga in NYC and an instructor at SoulCycle, is basically the super-fit iteration of the Energizer Bunny. She teaches seven days a week at both studios, and when she’s not leading classes, she’s on the mat taking class. Or helping us motivate with her Insta posts. And for that, can we get a namaste?

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12. The ’Grammer: The Sweat Life
Her MO: This weekly web serious from Aly Teich gives sweat fanatics an inside look at new NYC fitness studios, plus beauty tips, nutrition advice and a hefty dose of positive vibes. Bonus: She’s a certified badass herself, and can handstand like a champ (even after a brutal 90-minute hot yoga class!).

13. The ’Grammer: Anja Garcia
Her MO: OK, maybe we’re biased because Anja Garcia is one of our favorite trainers — she not only leads Inferno and Inferno HR, but also makes appearances on DB365 as well. This trainer/pediatric ICU nurse (talk about a badass combo) loves keeping her feed happy and upbeat, plus you can count on her to sprinkle in some crazy gymnastics tricks from her collegiate days. No forced fitspiration here — she’s the real deal.

14. The ’Grammer: Brett Hoebel
His MO: The former Biggest Loser trainer (who has also moonlighted as an instructor at Flywheel) has an IG feed filled with hyper-positive inspirational quotes and motivating mantras. Reason #3823249 why he’s one of the most likeable dudes in the industry.

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Gary Fee Instagram Motivational Mantras

Photo: @garyvee

15. The ’Grammer: Gary Vaynerchuck
His MO: OK, so business mogul Gary Vaynerchuck (affectionately known by his hoards of fans as “Gary Vee”) isn’t a leader in the fitness world, but his entrepreneurial spirit totally translates to athletic pursuits. This guy’s all about “the hustle” and the pursuit of passion, and we love it.

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