40 Resources to Practice Mindfulness Every Day

40 Resources for Practicing Mindfulness Every Day
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Learning how to be truly present in each bite, each flavor, each moment, each blessing, each loss is one of the biggest challenges we face in life. Once we practice mindfulness in our everyday life, our time and energy becomes more meaningful. But how you get there is up to you. Maybe it’s taking a few minutes to step away from your desk to enjoy lunch sans computer or smartphone. (Studies show you’ll feel more satiated this way, too.) Or maybe it’s injecting some mindfulness into your gym session or training. Focusing on the present and making the most out of each movement can help enhance your athletic performance and even relieve stress so you stay composed. To help you practice mindfulness every day in brand new ways, we rounded up tips from some of the most respected health and wellness experts.

40 Resources to Practice Mindfulness Today

40 Resources for Practicing Mindfulness Every Day
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Mindful Eating

The Goal: Savor Each Bite on Your Plate

After a hard day at work, your heart might be saying yes to that chocolate cake, but your mind is saying no. Being aware of your emotional eating triggers will help you create a stronger defense against them and exercise your willpower muscle. If you want to indulge, that’s totally fine, too. But now you’ll know how to do it responsibly and avoid the guilt trip that comes later.

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40 Resources for Practicing Mindfulness Every Day
Photo: Pond5

Mindful Movement

The Goal: Move With Purpose

Working out is a great way to practice mindfulness because every step, jump, push and pull requires you to be in the moment and make every breath count. Exercise isn’t just movement with a physical purpose to shake off calories or have a leaner look. It also makes us feel good about ourselves. But there will be times when you can’t bring yourself to go for a run, lift some weights or do another crunch. So we pulled together tips on how to stay in the game and stick to your sweat sessions.

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40 Resources for Practicing Mindfulness Every Day
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Mindful Meditation

The Goal: Banish Negative Thoughts

Meditation doesn’t necessarily mean you need to completely unplug from reality and let your mind escape. Meditating can also be about understanding why you’re angry, sad or happy and having a few moments of clarity about those thoughts. To learn how to meditate and get better at de-stressing, we curated some easy tips on how to squeeze the practice into your day.

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40 Resources for Practicing Mindfulness Every Day
Photo: Pond5

Mindful Productivity

The Goal: Use Your Energy Wisely to Work Efficiently

When your personal space is cluttered, so is your mind. That’s why it’s important to get your physical surroundings in check. But sometimes the “clean up” is tuning out the negative thoughts in your mind and focusing on something more positive. If you want to be more efficient with your time, consider this expert advice on how to strike the right balance between work, your personal goals and your relationships — with yourself and others.

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40 Resources for Practicing Mindfulness Every Day
Photo: Pond5

Mindful Rest and Rewards

The Goal: Celebrate Your Successes

Whether you dropped a pant size or two, walked up a flight of stairs without gasping for air or stepped foot into your first fitness class, rewarding yourself for your successes — no matter how big or small — is part of the balancing act to a more mindful life. Once you’re able to separate your wins from your losses, you’ll know how to work towards future goals.

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