9 Homemade Sports Drink Recipes

9 Homemade Sports Drinks

After a particularly calorie-torching session, sometimes water just won’t hit the spot. You’ve lost a significant amount of electrolytes during that killer sweat session, making it essential to replenish nutrients — and quick! But store-bought energy drinks can add up, in both dollars and calories. So we hit the kitchen and rounded up our favorite homemade sports drinks. From citrus-based workout drinks to a quick and easy DIY “Gatorade,” we’ve got something for every athlete on-the-go. Bottoms up!

DIY Sports Drink via Gabby's Gluten-Free
Photo: Gabby’s Gluten-Free / Pond5

1. Ginger Electrolyte Sports Drink
If a long, tough workout leaves you feeling a bit queasy, try this homemade drink that uses ginger water as its base. Not only will the tangy spice calm your stomach, ginger may also reduce muscle pain and soreness. Photo and Recipe: Gabby / Gabby’s Gluten-Free

DIY Sports Drink via Fit Bottomed Girls

2. Cranberry-Maple Sports Drink Recipe
High in vitamin C, this cranberry sports drink provides a tangy option to replenish depleted electrolytes. Maple syrup and star anise blend for a sweet and savory flavor combination. Recipe: Maple From Canada

DIY Sports Drink via Everyday Roots
Photo: Everyday Roots / Pond5.com

3. Lemon-Lime Lay-Low Energy Drink
While coconut water can be an energy drink all its own, this recipe blends the tropical treat with lemon, lime, sea salt and sugar, for a naturally sweet version of Gatorade. Photo and Recipe: Claire / Everyday Roots

Watermelon Sports Drink - Run Eat Repeat
Photo: Run Eat Repeat

4. Coconut Watermelon Workout Drink
Not only can watermelon can help reduce muscle soreness after a tough workout, it’s also rich in lycopene, an antioxidant that helps promotes a healthy heart. Mixed with lime and coconut water, this is one flavor-packed drink that tastes nothing like what you’d find in a bottle. Photo and Recipe: Monica / Run Eat Repeat

Fitnessista - Strawberry Infused Sports Drink
Photo: The Fitnessista

5. Strawberry-Infused Sports Drink
Infusions aren’t just for boozy beverages anymore. This strawberry concoction needs time to chill (don’t we all?), but once you’ve let it steep overnight, it’s sure to hit the spot post-run. Photo and Recipe: Gina / The Fitnessista

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DIY Chia Seed Drink - Mama Natural
Photo: Mama Natural

6. DIY Chia Sports Drink
Chia seed drinks are delicious, expensive…and chewy. They’re not for everyone, but if a drink with nothing to chomp on is like a day without sunshine, opt for this super easy (and nutrient-packed!) drink. Combined with your favorite juice, the mix of sugars, healthy fat and protein will hold you over for hours. Photo and Recipe: Genevieve / Mama Natural

DIY Sports Drink via Nutrition For Success
Photo: Pond5

7. Tart-Cherry Lemon Sports Drink
Tart cherry juice has been shown to aid in muscle recovery — and make our lips pucker in delight! This homemade drink mixes the tangy fruit juice with lemon and honey for a quick hit of carbs, sodium and potassium to fuel hungry muscles. Fun fact: The recipe creator Jackie is a 2:45 marathoner and sports nutritionist, so we can’t wait to try this drink and see if our marathon PR drops, too. Photo and Recipe: Jackie / Nutrition Success

Consider Me Fit - Organic Gatorade
Photo: Consider Me Fit

8. DIY Organic Gatorade
If you only eat all-organic everything, most regular sports drinks will likely be a shock to your system. Combine organic coconut water with organic lemons and oranges for a sports drink with no added chemicals. Photo and Recipe: Holly / Holly Brown Fit

Vegan Ann - Citrus Sports Drink
Photo: Vegan Ann

9. Citrus Coconut Sport Drink
We’d like to make a date to drink this citrusy, coconut-y drink, which uses both coconut water and coconut oil for the nutty, sweet flavor. Dates pack the blended drink with fiber and plenty of natural sugar. Photo and Recipe: Annie / Vegan Ann

What’s your go-to drink to rehydrate after a tough workout?

Originally posted on February 4, 2014.

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