10 Ways to Wear Your Motivation on Your Sleeve

10 Ways to Wear Your Motivational Messages On Your Sleeve

Buying new workout clothes often encourages people to get to the gym, just to show off the sweet new gear. Then, add one of these motivational messages in bold print and you have a constant, visible reminder of positivity, confidence and strength.

We rounded up our favorite tees, tanks, hats and socks, featuring uplifting mantras you can wear from head to toe. Slip into them to set a strong mindset — then get your body to follow suit.

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Must-Buy Workout Gear with Motivational Messages

Motivational Messages:

1. Stronger Than Anybody Knows

The perfect morning mantra to jumpstart your day, let this graphic tank from Calia by Carrie Underwood remind you that you are strong and capable. You can handle whatever life throws your way…even a tough set of burpees. ($35, caliastudio.com)

Motivational Messages:

2. I’m Pretty…

Fierce. Bold. Smart. Determined. No matter what you want people to recognize you as, you can write it on your UA I’m Pretty shirt. This tank helps spread the word about Under Armour’s campaign, which aims to get people to see women for more than a pretty face. Share your best adjective on social media too, using #ImPretty and tagging @underarmourwomen on Instagram or @UAWomen on Twitter. ($30, underarmour.com)

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Motivational Messages:

3. Never Stop Exploring

There’s a lot of world out there to discover. Whether you’re trying a new workout class, hiking a new summit, testing a new healthy recipe or out meeting new people, there’s power in staying curious. So show off this The North Face Photobomb hat as a souvenir of all your adventures — even the ones to come. ($25, thenorthface.com)

Motivational Messages:

4. Good Things Come to Those Who Sweat

Endorphins, crushed calories, better health — the list of the benefits from exercise goes on and on. So get out there and get sweaty in this Sweaty Betty Karma yoga tank. ($60, sweatybetty.com)

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Motivational Messages:

5. Pain is Temporary, Race Photos Last Forever

Truer words were never spoken. There’s nothing like crossing the finish line of a race — whether it’s your first or 15th. So keep that in mind with this Sarah Marie Design Studio Pain Is Temporary Cosmetic Pouch, perfect for post-gym essentials. ($18, sarahmariedesignstudio.com)

Motivational Messages:

6. Strong to the Core

Feel strong — from your head to your core to your feet — in this C9 Champion Graphic Muscle Tank. Let the words inspire you to not just flex your best, but to stay strong-willed, too. ($19, target.com)

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Motivational Messages:

7. Thank You Haters

Dedicate this Six:02 Base Crop T-Shirt, created in collaboration with Bella Thorne, to all the people who told you “you can’t.” Even if they bruised your ego, you found a way to rise above it and succeed. ($30, six02.com)

Motivational Messages:

8. Be Positive

Consider this your secret little notice to squash negativity and keep an optimistic outlook. Though these Sticky Be socks hide under your sneakers, you’ll see ‘em loud and clear in barre or yoga class. So take a peek at your feet when you feel any pessimistic thoughts roll in. (They also come with quotes like ‘Be Amazing,’ ‘Be Happy’ and ‘Be Calm.’) ($16, stickybesocks.com)

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Motivational Messages:

9. Believe in Miracles

Don’t let the idea of “impossible” hold you back from your dreams — even if those dreams involve crushing a full pull-up or making it to the finish line of a marathon. This Spiritual Gangster tank should convince you to stay optimistic about the future. ($54, spiritualgangster.com)

Motivational Messages:

10. Run the World

Beyonce told us to. And you now have permission to take her literally, thanks to this Old Navy Go-Dry Performance Muscle Tank. Because running fast and taking names is always a good idea. ($15, oldnavy.com)

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