Hate Burpees? We’ve Got the Beginner’s Guide for You

Maybe you learned them in gym class, or in a group fitness session met by a collective groan. But as much as we love to hate burpees, there’s no denying their ability to raise your heart rate and take your cardio endurance to new heights.

The only caveat: Not everyone should be dropping down chest-to-ground, or tacking on a sky-high jump at the end. According to Lisa Wheeler, fitness director for Daily Burn, “You’ve got to make sure you can master the components first. That means having the hip mobility to get into the deep squat, the shoulder and spine stability to hold the plank, and the power to be able to drive yourself up to standing position.”

The Beginner’s Guide to Burpees

And so, with the help of Bennie Wylie, fitness expert and trainer on NBC’s Strong, we’re breaking down the steps to take you from rookie to pro. Maybe you know the basic step-out burpee, but what about the table top progression? On a recent visit to the set of Daily Burn 365, Wylie demoes seven variations to finally quiet those burpee groans. And hey, maybe one day you’ll catch as much air as Bennie on that tuck jump burpee — passport required.

Want more no-equipment moves? Head to DailyBurn.com/365 to get a brand new workout every day.

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