10-Minute Workouts to Get Fit Fast with DB10

It takes you 10 minutes to fold laundry, another 10 to boil pasta, and 10 more to post your vacation pics on Instagram. When you add up all the no-brainer things you do in a day, is there really any excuse for skipping a workout?

Daily Burn’s new DB10 program — available to all members today — squashes any doubt with its series of 10-minute workouts designed to burn calories, build endurance and increase strength. We know what you’re thinking: Is 10 minutes really enough time? According to research, it is.

“Steady-state cardio is good to keep in your workout rotation, but studies have shown that HIIT and AMRAP (as many reps as possible) workouts are essential for cardiovascular strength,” says CeCe Marizu, one of the lead trainers of DB10. Even better: You’ll burn a whole lot of calories in a short amount of time. Yes, you’ll have to work harder and dig deeper, but the payoff is worth it. Ready to change the way you think about 10 minutes of exercise? Here’s what you can expect from the DB10 program.

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10-Minute Workouts to Get Fit Fast with DB10
Photo: Ryan Kelly / Daily Burn DB10

DB10: The Power of 10-Minute Workouts

Led by Marizu, Prince Brathwaite and Dara Theodore, DB10 isn’t just a solution for busy people everywhere (and seriously, you can do them at home, the gym, your hotel room, the beach, the park — literally anywhere). If you’ve ever wondered what trainers do when they only have 10 minutes to spare, it’s DB10.

“We thought about what we do in our workouts if we are short on time and these were the results,” Marizu says. “We want people to have options and make sure they can make changes where they need to. But the only way 10 minutes works is if you really challenge yourself.”

Unlike more regimented programs out there, DB10 doesn’t demand following a strict schedule, so you can mix and match the workouts however you like. Each session consists of two five-minute rounds. And to maximize that time, the workouts are built around AMRAP, so it’s up to you to make each minute count.

“For beginners, sometimes longer workouts can be challenging. What makes this great is that you know it’s only 10 minutes,” Marizu says. And even if you hit the gym often, DB10 can supplement your routine, helping you increase stamina, strength and power. “Changing intensity can help people improve their pace for steady-state workouts. Life needs a little variety every now and then,” Marizu adds.

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10-Minute Workouts to Get Fit Fast with DB10
Photo: Ryan Kelly / Daily Burn DB10

Cardio, Strength, Endurance: The Ultimate Triple Threat

So what are the types of workout you can expect? As a former D1 athlete, Marizu incorporates sports-inspired drills into her signature plyometric workouts, guaranteed to make you break a sweat in seconds. Think: burpees, plyo lunges, push-up punch combos, tuck jumps and high knees in between. Using your bodyweight only, Marizu’s metabolic-conditioning moves won’t just work your heart. You’ll target your legs, glutes, core and arms for a total-body burn.

“With a short amount of time, I keep the cardio up a lot. In other workouts, such as Brathwaite’s, it’s about using a heavier set of weights,” Marizu says. “Your strength will help your endurance, and your endurance will help your short anaerobic cardio workouts.” They all flow together to create one complete package. “That’s what makes these workouts special,” Marizu adds.

For the strength component, Brathwaite’s dumbbell workouts bring the gun show straight to the gym or your home. Suitable for all levels, his upper- and lower-body targeted workouts feature bent-over rows, single-leg deadlifts and weighted glute bridges. And to tie cardio and strength together, Theodore’s total-body kettlebell work will strengthen you from the ground up. A self-professed kettlebell lover, Theodore’s exercises will help you deepen your squats, perfect your hinges and master your cleans. You can also ditch the weights for her four-combo workout, which includes core-igniting planks and glute-sculpting squats.

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10-Minute Workouts to Get Fit Fast with DB10
Photo: Ryan Kelly / Daily Burn DB10

DB10: The Perfect Workout Supplement

Even runners, heavy lifters and class devotees can benefit from DB10. Use it to complement your usual gym routine, race training, or other Daily Burn workouts for that extra push you need. “Let’s say you have 10 minutes, but today is not a cardio day. Try Brathwaite’s dumbbell workout and lift. If you want a little less cardio, but more strength, go for Theodore’s four-combo workout,” Marizu recommends.

“My biggest tip is to find balance. There isn’t a one size fits all approach,” Marizu says. Instead, you can combine these workouts to find your own personal formula for success. At the end of the day, doing DB10 is about you reserving time for yourself. All the other stuff can wait. Really, it can.

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“We can make excuses, but honestly, we can all give ourselves the gift of 10 minutes,” Marizu says. “When you’re working and have to put a meal on the table for your family, maybe 10 minutes is all you need to feel grounded again.”

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