Daily Burn’s Holiday Fitness Report

Sticking to goals and staying motivated during the most wonderful time of the year

Overview: With the holidays quickly approaching, Daily Burn surveyed 2,452 Daily Burn’s members in the U.S., 18 and older, who have an active membership to learn more about how and if people plan to keep up with their fitness goals during the holidays. The same group was also asked what fitness trend they want to try in the new year and what holiday gift they’ve been eyeing.

With this report, Daily Burn wants to share the tips and tricks that keep its members moving during the holidays and beyond. We also included expert advice from Daily Burn’s Director of Fitness, Amanda Murdock, whose insights can be found throughout the report. Below are key takeaways and themes.

Fitness & Health Are Top Of Mind

  • A whopping 98% of respondents think about staying healthy, mentally & physically during the holiday season and 97% also think about exercising during the holidays.
  • Even though nearly all respondents think about staying healthy, mentally & physically, as well as exercising during the holidays, nearly half (47%) feel anxious when thinking about the holidays and staying on track with fitness goals.
    • Director of Fitness Amanda Murdock has a way to deal with the antsy feeling, noting, “It’s ok to feel nervous about sticking with your goals, but a way to combat this is to make a plan. If you love holiday sweets, plan it into your week — in a way that allows you to say no to anything that is extra like office cookies or cupcakes.”

Staying Motivated & Staying On Track

  • Non-scale-victories seem to motivate people more than weight, with fitting better in clothes (72%) being the number one way respondents keep track of their goals, and feeling better emotionally (70%), and having more energy (64%) ranked above weight (55%).
  • And respondents have some strategies for staying on track:
    • 80% said they keep themselves accountable over the holidays by sticking to their routines.
    • And nearly two-thirds say they schedule time for their workouts (72%).
  • Respondents also have some advice for staying consistent during the holidays (and beyond!) — about half of them said to schedule a time for your workouts (48%), and about a third said to workout at home (30%) as ways to stick with your fitness goals.
    • “I try to stay active throughout the holidays and vacations, and take 20-30 minutes for myself to get a workout in,” Amanda explains. “To me, fitness is a stress buster and I need that time to recharge and reset.”

At-Home Workouts Make It Work

  • Of members who’ve used Daily Burn last year for the holidays (72%), 96% of respondents said it helped them stick to their goals. The top 3 reasons are because at-home workout platforms like Daily Burn are:
    Convenient (71%)
    Have short workouts (54%)
    Affordable (38%)

Speaking of Short Workouts…

  • Respondents want short workouts during the holidays, selecting HIIT as their favorite form of workout during the holidays (51%). The top types of workouts are:
    HIIT (51%)
    Muscle Building (41%) / Kickboxing (41%)
    Bootcamps (37%) / Walking (37%)
  • Amanda agrees, sharing “HIIT workouts are my favorite because they’re short and I can target cardio and strength training at the same time. Plus, it can take as little as 20 minutes so I can get back to enjoying the holidays!”
    But if you don’t have time for a workout, respondents shared these tips to stay active. Respondents would most likely do these things during the holidays to keep moving:
    Taking a walk with family after meals (61%)
    Taking the stairs instead of the elevator (54%)
    Cleaning (52%)
    Parking farther away to get in more steps (50%)
  • “Don’t be afraid to tell your family that you want to do a workout or go for a walk – you may find that they want to join,” Amanda advises. “Sometimes it just takes someone to suggest it.”

Top Gifts for Your Favorite Fitness Fanatic

  • A fitness related gift that’s sure to please this holiday season is gym wear! Nearly 42% of respondents said they want new workout clothes/shoes for gifts this holiday season.
  • Still not sure what to gift? 31% want at-home gym supplies (yoga mat, weights, etc.).
    • Amanda suggests her favorite at-home gear- the TRX All-in-One “because it can be used for push/pull for push-ups and rows, jump squats and deadlifts, glute bridges and mountain climbers. If you have a door that can support weight, then this is the one piece of equipment that is I would highly recommend to give you a full body workout. Plus it’s light and portable — perfect to bring on vacation.
  • The third-most popular gift is fitness tracker, with 13% of respondents eyeing this as a gift.
    • “We love the new Fitbit Versa 2, with its advanced heart rate tracking and you will soon be able to select workout programs, like Daily Burn,” Amanda shares.

Fitness Trends for 2020

  • Nearly half of the respondents (46%) said they want to try a new fitness trend next year, and about a third of them want to try aerial yoga (31%), and other activities, ranked:
    Trampolining / Rebounding (28%)
    Paddle Board Yoga (28%)
    Animal Yoga (25%)
    Prison-Style Workout (23%)
  • Amanda agrees with Team Trampoline, noting “I definitely want to take some rebounding classes in 2020! It’s basically jumping on a mini-trampoline — not only is it a great aerobic exercise, it’s fun to feel like a kid again!”

Daily Burn conducted the survey in November 2019 via an online survey form to its active members from a sample of 2,451, ages 18 and over from the continental U.S., Alaska and Hawaii, in English. Respondents are paying members of Daily Burn’s fitness collective, including Daily Burn At-Home, HIIT by Daily Burn, Yoga by Daily Burn, and Running by Daily Burn memberships.

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