How to Foam Roll: Upper Body Release [VIDEO]

Feeling sore? Taking a rest day to let your muscles recover is a step in the right direction, but releasing tension with some self-myofascial release (aka self-massage) can help reduce stiffness, improve mobility and boost performance once you’re back in action. While most people are familiar with how to foam roll their lower body, many overlook the needs of their upper half. (Hunched over a keyboard right now? We’re looking at you!) The overworked muscles in your back, lats, triceps and other hot spots for knots and tension can all benefit from some foam rolling action. But there’s a right and a wrong way to roll those muscles out.

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In the video below, DailyBurn trainer Lindsay demonstrates a few moves to target common trigger points in your upper body. Keep in mind, it’s essential to maintain a stable core while balancing on the roller, and avoid rolling directly over the spine — particularly if you have any back issues. The deep tissue massage-style sensations may cause some discomfort, but your body will thank you later!  

Foam Rolling 101: Upper Body Release

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