The One Glute Exercise You Need to Try

Curtsey Lunge How To
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Although summer’s unofficially over (and you’ve put that bathing suit away for the season) there’s still plenty of reason to work your backside: Your butt is the focal point of your body, and it supports your hips, spine and pelvis as you go about your day. Luckily, Anja Garcia, RN, MS — the trainer you love to hate from DailyBurn’s Inferno and Inferno HR workouts — has the perfect move to keep your behind in its best shape: the curtsy lunge.

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Your Total-Glute Toner: The Curtsy Lunge

“This move can sometimes be funky,” says Garcia, “as you do it at a unique angle [compared to traditional lunges].” Plus, the curtsy lunge is a “single-leg exercise, which can make your entire workout feel more challenging.” But we (Anja included!) know you’re totally up for that challenge — it’ll get your glutes and legs working. If you need to make things a bit easier, use a chair to balance your upper body, making sure to not lean on it too hard for support. Here’s how it’s done!

How to: Begin by standing with feet hip-width apart, hands on your hips (a). Step your left foot back directly behind your right foot, squaring hips and shoulders to face front (b). Squeeze the inner thighs (this will prevent wobbling) and lower into a lunge, both legs at 90-degree angles, front knee tracking above your ankle. Keep the upper body upright, being careful to not hinge forward at the waist (c). Next, engaging your glutes, come up to standing on your right leg, and lifting your left leg straight out to the side (d). Tap left toes to the ground and raise left leg before returning to starting position to complete one rep (e).

Get the most out of this move by spending 50 seconds on each side with 10 seconds of rest in between sets. Tack it onto your usual workouts for little extra lower-body love, or bust a few out in front of the TV.

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