Introducing LIT: Low Impact Training

Build strength and break a sweat while keeping it gentle on the joints with LIT: Low Impact Training. From HIIT to kickboxing to endurance, LIT will make you work because low impact does not mean low intensity! These workouts pass on the plyometrics in favor of low impact movement that will help reduce injury risk. LIT will keep you on your toes, even while your movements stay grounded. Let’s go!

Follow along with the suggested schedule, or visit the collection whenever you want to quickly find a low impact workout.

Our LIT collection is designed to help you get stronger with more ease and less forceful movement. Follow the schedule for two weeks of jump-free and high-energy workouts that increase intensity or press play on whatever feels right. Whether you’re looking for bodyweight only or want to bust out your bands or dumbbells for an added burn, LIT has what you need to meet your fitness goals!

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