How to Stream Daily Burn On Your iOS Device

With Daily Burn on your iPhone or iPad, you can work out anywhere with an internet connection! While working out on the web or on a TV, the app also turns into a real-time workout companion.

Don’t have either? Visit Apple today.

1. Go to the App Store.

Go to the App Store or tap the App Store icon on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Search for “Daily Burn.”

iPad users: Tap on the top right search bar and type in “Daily Burn” to search. iPhone users: Tap on the search button on the bottom bar. Tap into the top search bar and type in “Daily Burn” to search.

3. Install & Launch Daily Burn.

Tap on the “Get” button to install the Daily Burn app to your device. Once installed, tap on the Daily Burn icon to enter the app. Follow the onscreen instructions to login or set up your account!

Heart Rate Monitor

Get accurate information on calories burned, personalized feedback, and turn your workout into an interactive experience! Daily Burn’s bluetooth heart rate monitor wirelessly connects to Daily Burn’s iOS app, as well as many other heart rate apps on iOS and Android devices.

Getting started with a heart rate monitor

Go to the App Store and download the Daily Burn iOS app.

How to wear

When putting on your heart rate chest strap, make sure the logo on the front is facing up and the heart rate electrode sensors (located to the right and left on the head unit) are directly on your skin. Make sure that the strap is directly under your chest, with the monitor in the middle. Tip: Add water to the part of the strap that touches your chest before putting it on.


Put on your device. Open the Daily Burn iOS app and tap on the Heart Rate section if you’re using an iPad, or the Profile section if you’re using an iPhone or iPod. Scan for your heart monitor device from there.

Train harder and smarter with heart zone training

With immediate biofeedback using Daily Burn’s technology, you’ll know it’s time to add intensity and when it’s time to slow down.

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