How to Stream Daily Burn On Roku

Daily Burn Streaming On Your Roku Player

Roku is one of the quickest and easiest ways to stream your Daily Burn Workouts to your TV. Enjoy all of your favorite Daily Burn trainers from the convenience of your living room.

Don’t have one? Visit Roku today.

1. Go to the Channel Store.

From the Roku home screen, select “Channel Store”. Use the down arrow button on your remote control to scroll down to the “Fitness & Outdoors” category. Use the left/right arrows to highlight the Daily Burn channel and select “OK”.

2. Install & Launch Daily Burn.

Select “Add Channel”. To launch the channel, select “Go to channel” or find your newly added Daily Burn channel on your home screen.

3. Sign Into Your Daily Burn Account.

Connect your Roku to your Daily Burn account by selecting “Already a member? Sign in” on the bottom of the page. Follow the onscreen instructions and your Roku will automatically be connected to your account!

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