Undefeated: Kickboxing Workouts to Get You Strong

Crossing the finish line of a race. Putting the ball in the net. Finally nailing the perfect push-up or handstand. When we think about these fitness feats, one word best describes the triumph: Undefeated.

The good news is that becoming unstoppable doesn’t require a lifetime of blood, sweat and tears. You can achieve greatness — in some small way — every single day. How? By showing up, working hard, and tapping into your inner strength. And we have your ticket to scoring all of the above.

Daily Burn’s new cardio kickboxing program, aptly named Undefeated, aims to make you feel like a fighter from Day One. Here’s how the program paves the way.

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Undefeated: Kickboxing Workouts to Feel Stronger Than Ever
Photo: Ryan Kelly / Undefeated

Jab, Cross, Kick: What Undefeated Is All About

Thanks to the variety of fitness approaches used throughout the six weeks of Undefeated, your body and brain will never get bored. “This kickboxing workouts are such a great mix of choreography combos, high-intensity interval training and mixed martial arts-specific strength and agility drills,” says Anja Garcia, one of the lead trainers of Undefeated. “It’s the total package.”

At its core, Undefeated features 30-minute cardio and HIIT kickboxing workouts meant to challenge you. In all four of the heart-pumping routines, you’ll move at a fast pace to blend punch sequences with jabs, crosses, hooks and uppercuts, as well as kicks and other footwork. “Remember to focus on form first, speed second and to use your whole body to generate power in your punches,” says Phoenix Carnevale, an internationally recognized martial arts personality and fellow lead trainer for Undefeated.

That doesn’t mean the program skimps on strength, either. You’ll get three muscle-building, power-focused workouts, as well as a core routine to get your abs burning, often with a set of dumbbells in tow. Equipment you won’t need: gloves or a heavy bag. You power each punch.

To round out the athletic program — which includes nine workouts total — Carnevale leads a martial arts-inspired mobility workout to help your muscles recover and move with ease.

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Undefeated: Kickboxing Workouts to Feel Stronger Than Ever
Photo: Ryan Kelly / Undefeated

Kickboxing Workouts for Inner Strength

What really sets the Undefeated kickboxing program apart, though, is how strong it makes your mental game. “Kickboxing is not only fun, but it also helps build coordination skills and develop body awareness,” says Carnevale. “Putting together combinations and using both the left and right side of your body builds balance in the nervous system and increases brain activity.”

It’s also a great way to release tension. “Obviously, there is the physical component to kickboxing: It builds strength, stamina and endurance,” Garcia says. “But what I also love about it is the mental aspect. It’s a great stress reliever, increases endorphins, and builds mental toughness. After I’m done with a great kickboxing workout, I feel like I can take on anything.”

When you crush a tricky combo or blast through a tough circuit, we can bet you’ll come out feeling stronger than ever, too.

TRY IT NOW: Daily Burn’s Undefeated Kickboxing Program

Undefeated: Kickboxing Workouts to Feel Stronger Than Ever
Photo: Ryan Kelly / Undefeated

How Undefeated Makes You a Fighter

Both Garcia and Carnevale agree on the first step for finding success with Undefeated: Simply have some fun. “MMA and kickboxing make me feel like an action hero — it’s more than just exercise,” says Carnevale. So don’t be afraid to channel your inner Wonder Woman as you box to the beat.

Even more importantly, remember that undefeated means never giving up. Even if an exercise or sequence feels impossible, your main goal is to keep going and to always give it your best effort. “Just like it takes many tries for amateur fighters to become pros, and then several fights to become a champion, you have to take time to build yourself up,” Carnevale says. The program schedule will help keep you on track, but it’s your personal dedication that really matters.

“[Undefeated] doesn’t mean you won’t be challenged, or even set back,” says Garcia. “It means that no matter what, you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and try again …. You will be challenged. You will be pushed. But we will never give up.”

Want to feel unstoppable starting today? Sign up now for the Daily Burn Undefeated kickboxing program, now available to premium users only. Your first 30 days are free!

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