50 Butt Exercises to Sculpt Stronger Glutes

Lunge Ahead

Strength and balance is the name of the game for these lower-body additions to your workout. While squats have a broader base of support, the split stance in lunges forces you to constantly re-adjust your weight. They can also challenge your mobility, and put your hip, foot and ankle stability to the test. From plyos to lateral to curtsy, these lunge variations fire up your glutes, quads, thighs and calves for superior leg strength.

Butt Exercises: Plyometric Lunges with Figure 8s Exercise

14. Plyometric Lunges with Figure 8s

If you think plyo lunges are hard, wait ‘til you try this one. Grab a ball to double-team coordination and endurance in one move.

Butt Exercises: Lunge with Drummers with Battleropes Exercise

15. Drummer Lunges with Battle Rope

Got some aggression you need to take out? These reverse lunges with battle ropes get your arms moving, increasing your heart rate and full-body burn. And they feel pretty good for stress relief, too.

Butt Exercises: Lunges Parallette Exercise

16. Parallette Lunges

Using parallette bars gives your lunges some incline so you can improve the depth of the movement. You can also work with a pair of dumbbells to add some weight for an even better butt lift.

Butt Exercises: Lateral Lunge to Clean Exercise

17. Lateral Lunge to Clean

Our bodies aren’t meant to move in one plane of motion, and this combination exercise will help you break outside the box. Be sure to recruit your glutes, hamstrings and core (and not your arms) to pop the pair of kettlebells up to chest height.

Butt Exercises: Lunge to Plyo Hop Exercise

18. Lunge to Plyo Hop

Break through any exercise plateau with this childhood favorite. The trampoline adds fun — and extra height — to basic plyo lunges. Don’t have your own launchpad? Use a step or box.

19. Diagonal Lunge A-Step

Combining strength and speed, this box lunge will help improve your agility and endurance. A true calorie scorcher, this exercise will make you engage your abs and arms to help you jump onto the box as you start to lose steam. The bigger the movement, the better.

Butt Exercises: Overhead Slam Ball Lunges

20. Overhead Lunges with Slam Ball

These forward lunges will strengthen every facet of your booty. Even better: Holding resistance overhead also sculpts your abs and arms.

21. Predator Split Jacks

Turn up the cardio, while building strength in your lower body. In this split jack variation from BJ Gaddour, you’ll use your arms, shoulders and back to help you create max force.

22. Pendulum Lunge

Sometimes you need to slow things down to tone things up. In a controlled movement, this pendulum lunge takes balance to a new level, as your gluteus maximus works in overtime to help stabilize your stance.

Butt Exercises: Curtsy Lunge Exercise

23. Curtsy Lunge with Towel

Curtsy lunges may look like a simple dance move, but these butt burners also sculpt your inner thighs and quads. Holding the towel taut also strengthens your core and arms.

24. Lateral Lunge with Burpee Walkout

If improving functional movement patterns is your goal, this exercise is a big step in the right direction. From the lateral lunge position, you’ll sit into a squat position before stepping your feet back into a plank.

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