Announcing the Upper Body Challenge!

Give The Rock a run for his money with our new challenge!

Take the Upper Body Challenge and earn bragging rights to go with your seriously sculpted muscles! This four-week challenge will work your entire upper body – arms, back, chest, and even your core – as you level up in your strength and mobility. Plus, these workouts do more than build muscles. Complete the Upper Body Challenge to  improve your posture, increase bone density, and boost your heart health. 

The Upper Body Challenge is designed with your success in mind. Supplement your current routine with challenge workouts, or focus on completing the challenge as scheduled. Either way, take rest days for crucial muscle recovery and follow our trainers to meet your goals faster than ever. Grab your weights and press play!

In just four weeks, you’ll be an Upper Body Challenge champion! Your favorite Daily Burn trainers will push you to the finish line feeling stronger than ever, and varied workout lengths and rest days keep you motivated and feeling good. Let’s go!

Not a Daily Burn member yet? Sign up for a FREE 30-day trial at today to get sweating!

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