The 17 Great Relay Races in the U.S.

Hood to Coast
Photo: Hood To Coast Relay

If you thought relay races were just for middle school field days, then you haven’t met this kind of relay. The 200-mile, 2-day, 12-person relay race format that has taken off recently has made running into a true team sport.

But despite the intense mileage, they’re not just for elite athletes, says Tanner Bell, co-founder and president of the Ragnar Relay Series, which hosts 15 relays across the U.S each year. Relays are one of the most accessible forms of distance running out there, he says. And not just because you run three times and get breaks in between, but because you have a team depending on you.

“You’re accomplishing something together that most people could not do on their own,” says Bell. That camaraderie may be at the heart of what makes these races so popular. “Running a 200-mile relay is such an incredible accomplishment, and being able to do that with a team forms bonds you’ll never forget.”

Think you’re ready to give it a shot? These 17 relay races will challenge you and take your entire team on a serious fitness and bonding adventure. Grab 11 of your craziest friends and sign up today! (Note: Events are listed by date.)

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Which of these relay races are you adding to your bucket list? Any favorites we missed? Share them in the comments!

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