The 10 Amazing Running Tours to Explore the World

The 10 Best Running Tours to Explore the World

If you’ve ever wondered how you can combine your love for running with your thirst for international travel, we have your answer: running tours. These scenic runs take you through some of the world’s largest cities, revealing historic landmarks, alleyways, gardens and rivers to help you soak it all in. Aside from the Instagram-worthy pics (some offer an on-site photographer!), you’ll get to fully embrace the culture, history and day-to-day life through the lens (and footsteps) of a local. These tours not only have informed guides but also run club members who will pound pavement at your pace and share something special about each stop. So squeeze in a run during your travels or snag a boost of endorphins to snap you out of your jet lag. These epic running tours will step up your travel game.

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10 Epic Running Tours to See the World

The 10 Best Running Tours to Explore the World: Brooklyn Running Tour
Photo: Courtesy of City Running Tours

1. Running Shoes and Brooklyn Brews

What: City Running Tours
Where: Brooklyn, New York
If you want to get away from the tourist traps in Manhattan, this tour will give you a totally different Gotham experience. The 4.5-mile route takes you through the booming streets of Williamsburg, where you’ll hit hot hipster hangouts, like The Knitting Factory. You’ll also run through the historically Hasidic section of the ‘burg, get a whiff of the world-famous Peter Lugar Steakhouse and soak in #weekendvibes from McCarren Pool. The finish line is at the Brooklyn Brewery for an exclusive brewery tour and celebratory pint! ($45)

The 10 Best Running Tours to Explore the World: Paris Running Tour
Photo: Jean-Charles Sarfati

2. Tour de Paris

What: Paris Running Tour
Where: Paris, France
For a city like Paris that’s brimming with art, culture and romance at every corner, running really is the best way to take it all in. The Paris Running Tour includes three distances: five miles (one hour), nine miles (two hours) and 12.5 miles (three hours). Each tour covers a different part of the City of Lights and makes stops at the Louvre, Tuileries gardens, Musee d’Orsay and of course, the Eiffel Tower. Pack a croissant to carb load along the way! (90 euros)

The 10 Best Running Tours to Explore the World: London Running Tour
Photo: Meghan Joyce

3. London Undercover

What: Secret London Runs
Where: London, Great Britain
Uncover London’s hidden history in these exciting puzzle chases with Secret London Runs. The secret society organizes team running challenges and tours that’ll have you solving murder mysteries and running from ghosts — literally. At night, brave through some of the city’s haunts in the “Run for Your Life! Ghost Tour.” If you prefer something slightly less adrenaline-pumping, consider the Power Women tour and Secret Gin Runs tour, where you’ll visit landmark gin palaces and pay tribute to London’s heroines. (29 euros)

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The 10 Best Running Tours to Explore the World: Barcelona Running Tour
Photo: Courtesy of 360 Running Barcelona

4. Oh Barcelona!

What: 360 Running Barcelona
Where: Barcelona, Spain
Offering five different running tours, this run tour takes you through the cobblestone streets and awe-inspiring mountains of this Catalonian city. You’ll truly get a 360-view of Barcelona’s seaside with the Park Guell and Barcelona at Your Feet Tour. Further afoot you’ll see anti-aircraft batteries from the Spanish Civil War of the Turo de la Rovira. Then, there’s the Barcelona 92 Tour and the Montjuic Mountain Running Tour that takes you to the site of the 1992 summer Olympic Games, the National Art Museum of Catalonia and the Venetia towers of Placa Espana. (45-55 euros)

The 10 Best Running Tours to Explore the World: Athens Running Tour
Photo: Twenty20

5. The Old and New Athens

What: Go! Running Tours
Where: Athens, Greece
There are three different tours that celebrate the antiquity and modernity of the ancient city. During the 5K tour of old Athens, you’ll get to run through “Aristotle’s Walk,” a route that the philosopher himself walked in with his students. You’ll also see historic monuments, like Acropolis, the tunnel Attalos and the monument of Hephaestus. In the modern Athens tour, you’ll run by neoclassical style architecture, and more importantly, the Olympic Stadium, where the first-ever Games were held. (45-55 euros)

The 10 Best Running Tours to Explore the World: Bangalore Running Tour
Photo: Courtesy of Trip Advisor

6. Bangalore

What: Bangalore Running Tour
Where: Bangalore, India
As the capital of the southern Indian state of Karnataka, Bangalore is the third largest city in the country. This running tour will take you inside the beautiful Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, which has a famous glass house that hosts two annual flower shows. You’ll also get to climb some old rock formations along the Vindhya mountain range. The bonus is that the tour comes with a traditional Southern Indian vegetarian breakfast. ($31)

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The 10 Best Running Tours to Explore the World: Melbourne Running Tour
Photo: Courtesy of Running Tours Melbourne

7. Art on the Run in Melbourne

What: Running Tours Melbourne
Where: Melbourne, Australia
Melbourne secretly has some of the most fascinating street art, and this running tour was made just for exploring it! Starting at Chapel Street, one of Melbourne’s busiest roads, you’ll run through back alleys and side streets to take action shots at iconic murals, buildings and eateries. Though the price tag is steep at $99, a professional photographer will be chasing you like a paparazzi and take photos of you exploring the sights. Hungry runners: Breakfast is included. ($99)

The 10 Best Running Tours to Explore the World: Buenos Aires Running Tour
Photo: Courtesy of Urban Running Tours

8. Hello Buenos Aires

What: Urban Running Tours
Where: Buenos Aires, Argentina
With six running tours exploring old and new neighborhoods, there’s no way you won’t be captivated by this Argentinian city. During the Bosques de Palermo tour, you’ll visit the largest neighborhood in the city, Palermo, and traverse 25 acres of woods and lakes. To get a hit of tango culture, sign up for the San Telmo tour. You’ll see historic architecture, cobblestone streets and outdoor patios in houses in this part of the city. ($70)

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The 10 Best Running Tours to Explore the World: Tokyo Running Tour
Photo: Courtesy of Tokyo Great Running Tour

9. The Heart of Tokyo

What: Tokyo Great Running Tour
Where: Tokyo, Japan
There are only two ways you can explore Tokyo: You can either run through the alleys or run through the rivers. As you jog along the scenic Sumida River, you’ll see old and new Japanese neighborhoods. If you choose to weave through the alleyways, you’ll hit a charming downtown area with lots of shops and the Imperial Palace moat. ($44)

The 10 Best Running Tours to Explore the World: Istanbul Running Tour
Photo: Run Force Istanbul

10. A Day in Istanbul

What: Run Force Instanbul
Where: Istanbul, Turkey
There’s no better way to experience a magically holy city like Istanbul than with a tight-knit groups of runners. The club meets every Thursday evening and runs a new route to challenge you and explore a different part of the city. Pounding pavement with the locals will help you navigate all 39 different districts in Instanbul You’ll explore Karakoy, one of the most historic districts in Istanbul, where you’ll see many local shops and get a view of the gorgeous Bosphorus waterway. Then, there’s the Eminonu district, which leads to the Galata Bridge, the Hagia Sophia and the Topkapi Palace. (Free)

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