5 Amazing Dance-Inspired Yoga Moves to Turn Up the Burn

5 Dance-Inspired Yoga Moves to Turn Up the Burn
Photo: Courtesy of 305 Fitness

You’ve heard of yoga flows — but this Vinyasa sequence will get you moving like never before. Thanks to the rock stars behind the dance club-style workout studio 305 Fitness, your same-old yoga routine is about to get hit with some serious swagger.

That’s because the new 305 FLOW class bakes dance into each sequence of yoga poses by connecting each move. Yoga instructor Kirra Michel explains, “Yoga and dance separately do a great job at increasing your flexibility and overall range of motion. Yoga allows us to hold the poses longer (about 30 seconds to a minute), which is recommended to increase flexibility. On the other hand, dance allows exploration and creativity of the body in the poses.”

The dynamic, dance-like flows of the practice link movement and breath, challenging your body and mind in new ways. And because of its faster pace and unique sequences — from Eagle to Warrior III — you’ll reap cardio and strength benefits.

Michel says, “305 FLOW has major benefits to cardiovascular health. These yoga poses are sequenced intelligently and safely to help with losing weight, reducing your BMI, lowering your blood pressure and more.”

Want to add an energy shot to your downward dog? Try these five dance-inspired yoga poses.

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Turn Up the Burn: 5 Dance-Inspired Yoga Moves

5 Dance-Inspired Yoga Moves: Rockstar to Fallen Triangle Pose
GIFs: Tiffany Ayuda / Life by Daily Burn

1. Rockstar to Fallen Triangle

The graceful form of these two artistic poses is a great intro to a dance-inspired yoga practice. Rockstar — also known as Wild Thing or Flip the Dog — is the ultimate heart-opener, while fallen triangle brings fluidity to a standard side plank. Together, they create a modern dance flow that allows you to be creative with your arms. Michel says, “This pose takes full-body work and strengthens your quadriceps and shoulders, as well as your obliques.” Her pro tip: “Raise your hips higher when you do the backbend to help keep your body in alignment and keep your front foot pointed to challenge your balance.”

5 Dance-Inspired Yoga Moves: Warrior II to Reverse Warrior Pose

2. Warrior II to Reverse Warrior

Warriors symbolize strength and steadiness, and this Eagle-wrapped variation of Warrior II shows us just that. The position of your feet creates a strong foundation for this flow that targets your upper-body mobility. “Your second and third toes need to be directly under your front knee,” Michel says, to ensure you have proper alignment. She recommends focusing on a point in front of and behind you to keep your arms in a straight line. This should also set your arms up to move into an eagle-wrapped bind in Reverse Warrior. “The most important thing to keep in mind with Reverse Warrior is that it’s a side stretch and not a back bend,” Michel says.

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5 Dance-Inspired Yoga Moves: Eagle to Warrior III Pose

3. Eagle Pose to Warrior III

In addition to improving your balance, you’ll strengthen your inner thighs and stretch your upper back with this moving variation of Eagle pose. If you’re not able to stand on one foot, Michel says your toes of the lifted foot can hover over the floor. Keeping your arms in a bind in reverse warrior also gives you the momentum you need to move into Warrior III seamlessly. “The most important part of this movement is to keep your hips square. This will help keep you grounded as your upper body takes a forward motion,” Michel notes. Once you’re in Warrior III, flex your foot behind you and focus on a point in front of you to help you maintain balance.

5 Dance-Inspired Yoga Moves: Dancer's Pose

4. Dancer’s Pose

Show off your ballet skills with this artful pose. Dancer’s pose is as much of a shoulder opener as it is a balance exercise. Michel says, “Start by hugging your knee to your chest and then holding the inside edge of your foot as you sweep your right arm back. This will help open your chest and give you a slight back bend.” To avoid compressing your lower back, lift your pelvis up as you press your tailbone to the floor. When you hinge forward at the end of the pose, bring your left arm down to help you maintain stability.

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5 Dance-Inspired Yoga Moves: Downward Dog Dance Pose

5. Downward Dog Dance

You’ll get double the benefits of building core strength, while stretching you calves and hamstrings in this happy dance. As you move into plank position, alternate crossing your knees to opposite elbows. Keep your toes pointed when you’re in plank, but flex them in downward dog to feel the stretch. As for breathing: “Inhale during the extension and exhale during the contraction. When you exhale, you should feel the contraction in your core,” Michel says.

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