Get in the Zone With Heart Rate Training

If you want to get the most out of your workouts, it’s time to try heart rate training. No longer just for elite athletes, heart rate monitors, including watches and bands, make it easy to keep an eye on your performance while exercising. Real-time feedback lets you know whether you’re getting an effective cardiovascular workout or if you need to pick up the intensity and challenge your body to do more. Tune in to hear trainer Anja Garcia explain how heart rate training can help you improve your muscle endurance, power, strength and EPOC. It’s time to get in the zone!

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DailyBurn’s new interval-based program Inferno HR, launches this December. The program cycles through five heart rate zones for a challenging and efficient workout. And in the meantime, you can test your limits with trainer Anja Garcia’s high-intensity Inferno program!

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