The March Madness Workout Bracket

March Madness 2014
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March Madness is here! And yet, once again you’re sweating it out on the couch or bar stool — instead of breaking a sweat on the hardwood floor. Ready to change all that? It’s time to get in on the action by making every viewing party count. We pooled together our favorite no-equipment bodyweight exercises and assigned a different exercise to each of the 64 teams in the NCAA tourney. Your job: Bust a move.

When two teams go head-to-head, that means you’re performing a superset of the two exercises listed beside them. So when UCLA goes up against Tulsa in the first round, that’s 30 seconds of pistol squats supersetted with 30 seconds of tuck jumps. Complete three sets during the game and you’ve made it through the match-up!

The tricky part: There’s not just one game going down at a time! Complete all (or as many of the supersets as you can) to show each competing team some love — or aggression (we won’t tell!). Major bragging rights if you can get through all 32 games in the tourney’s opening round. As the rounds progress, the exercise sets will get longer, but yes, there will be fewer and fewer match-ups.

Ready to give it the old college try? Share your progress, allegiances and enthusiasm by using the hashtag #bodyweightbracket. Let’s burn!  

Note: To view the bracket in closer detail, double-click on the infographic to zoom in.  

The March Madness Workout Bracket

The March Madness Workout Bracket

Are you participating in the Life by DailyBurn March Madness Workout Bracket? Tell us which moves you love, which you hate, and which you’re hoping will carry you — and your team — through to the finish. And if you need a workout buddy, coach or cheer squad, send us a tweet at @dailyburn. Team DailyBurn is with you! 

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