Got Six Seconds? Try One of These 11 Kitchen Hacks

Got six seconds? Then you’ve got enough time to learn a new kitchen trick!  Take your kitchen game to the next level with simple tips from users on Vine, an app for recording and sharing six-second videos. Whether you’re looking for the best way to cut a mango, remove an avocado seed, or open a beer bottle with a lighter (and not lose a finger in the process!), we’ve got you covered in more ways than one. Have some tips and tricks of your own? Share them in the comments below!


1. Cut a Mango

Can’t figure out how to score some mango without your knife getting caught on that sneaky, hidden pit? This video demonstrates the proper way to remove the pit and then slice the flesh. (via angelaishere)

2. Separate Yolk from Egg White

Make separating eggs a no-brainer with a used water bottle! While yolks are a rich source of vitamin B, you’ll only need the egg white if you’re making homemade mayo, meringue cookies or a lighter omelet. (via QuickLifeHacks)  

3. Cut and Transport an Apple

Transporting a healthy snack is a piece of cake with this rubber band trick. To keep the slices from oxidizing and developing a brown tinge, spritz some lemon juice on before you wrap them together. For extra protein, spread some hummus or peanut butter on your snack. (via Chobani)

4. Light Candles Using Spaghetti

This trick’s perfect for those hard-to-reach candles. If you’re out of matches, you can ignite your noodle over a gas stovetop. (via Los Angeles)


5. Remove an Avocado Seed

Is it guac o’clock and you’re struggling to remove some pesky pits? Simply lodge your knife in the pit, turn, and it will come out easily. (via Chobani)

6. Remove Strawberry Stems With a Straw

Put your smoothie straw to work by using it to remove strawberry stems. Pro tip: For long lasting strawberries, refrigerate them unwashed and uncut and remove the stems right before you want to use them. (via  Chobani)

7. Peel Garlic With Two Bowls

Need to peel lots of garlic fast? This hack speeds up the process, plus makes clean up a breeze. Make sure to remove lingering peels before using the garlic in a recipe. (via Aaron Butts)

8. Make Three-Ingredient Homemade Popcorn

Making your own popcorn is way healthier (and cheaper!) than buying the artificially-flavored microwavable stuff. For a guilt-free flavor, top with a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper. (via jennyshea)

 9. Make a Sandwich in Six Seconds

And BOOM! Fast food’s got nothing on this ham and mustard masterpiece. (via bonappetit)

10. Open a Beer Bottle With a Lighter

Don’t let lack of a bottle opener stop you from enjoying a cold brew. Make sure the safety lock is on before you attempt this hack (via De Nada)

11. Store Spaghetti in a Pringles Can

Prevent shelf spills by reusing a chip canister. Just remember to wash it out before using otherwise you might end up with some of the flavor dust on your spaghetti. (via QuickLifeHacks)