The March Madness Workout Challenge

March Madness Workout Challenge
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Drinking games can have their time and place, but if you’re watching the NCAA March Madness unfold away from the bar, we’ve got a better (read: healthier!) way to bring the action right to you. Real talk: Americans drink an estimated 220 million gallons of beer during March Madness — not to mention the 120 million chicken wings and 55 million slices of pizza that wash it all down!

But rather than raising a red Solo cup for every dunk, three-pointer and game-winning bucket, how about a few tuck jumps, push-ups and burpees instead? That’s right: We’re challenging you to give this Game Day workout the old college try — all tourney long! So break open your bracket and break a sweat with the best of ‘em.

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The March Madness Workout Challenge

Once the whistle blows, your challenge is below! One dunk? That’s two tuck jumps. Missed free throw? That’s one push-up. You’ll be sweating alongside your favorite hoops stars in no time!

The March Madness Workout Challenge
Photo: Pond5

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3-Pointer = 3 Squats
Dunk = 2 Tuck Jumps
Made Free Throw = 1 Curtsy Lunge
Missed Free Throw = 1 Push-Up
Turnover = 2 Russian Twists
Personal Foul = 2 Front Jabs
Offensive Foul = 2 Front Kicks
Traveling = 10 Sec Fast Feet
Shot Clock Violation = 5 Jumping Jacks
And 1 = 3 Mountain Climbers
Injury = 30 Sec Plank
Buzzer Beater = 5 Star Jumps
Upset Victory = 1 Min Burpees

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The NCAA Basketball Tournament starts on March 16 and ends April 3. For the complete schedule of games and scores, visit

Originally published March 2016. Updated March 2017. 

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