The Mother’s Day Video From Olympic Athletes

An American gymnast steps up to the bars. A Brazilian volleyball player digs into the sand. A German sprinter enters the stadium. A Chinese diver climbs onto the platform. It’s Rio 2016 — and four Olympians face their biggest challenge yet, as fear, self-doubt and nerves bubble up to the surface. Years of training got them here, but what grounds them in this moment? It’s the inner strength learned from their biggest supporter: Mom.

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As Strong As Mom: A P&G Mother’s Day Tribute

This Mother’s Day, we can’t take our eyes off this uplifting video that highlights elite athletes and the mothers who helped lift them to the world stage. We’re reminded that moms are the ultimate role models when it comes to courage, resilience, tenacity and strength of spirit. They teach us how to dream bigger, work harder and have faith in ourselves. To our fiercest fans — no matter what — this one’s for you. Now excuse us while we wipe our eyes and go call up Mom.