The Netflix and Stretch Routine – 5 Moves You Need to Try

The Netflix and Stretch Routine You Need to Try
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If you plop down on the couch to catch up on your favorite shows after a tough day, we don’t blame you. But what if you could make your time in front of the tube more worthwhile? Enter: This “Netflix and Stretch” routine, designed to help you mobilize with purpose at the end of your day.

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Keep in mind, while static stretches like toe touches (where you hold a pose) lengthen your muscles and can increase flexibility in the tissue, these movements should be performed only after your muscles are warm. “You should [static] stretch after you are exercising,” says Daily Burn Fitness/Nutrition Coach Michelle Hobgood. When you’re knee deep in House of Cards, Hobgood recommends opting for dynamic stretches that gently ease your body into movement.

Ready to Netflix (or Hulu) and stretch? Here are five moves to increase your range of motion all over.

5 Dynamic Stretches You Can Do In Front of Your TV

Torso Rotations

1. Torso Rotations
Targets: Core, lower back

Leg Swing

2. Straight Leg Raises
Targets: Hip flexors, glutes

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Inchworm Exercise

3. Inchworm
Targets: Triceps, shoulders, abs

Cat Cow Pose

4. Cat-Cow
Targets: Spinal flexibility, abs

Child's Pose

5. Child’s Pose
Targets: Shoulders, hips and back

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