Why This Kid Is Doing a 30-Day Running Streak

Photo: The Intelligencer
Photo: The Intelligencer

We don’t blame you if you’ve abandoned your running routine in favor of eating ice cream this summer. But humidity and soaring temperatures won’t stop Ryan Tarapchak, an 11-year old from Langhorne, Pennsylvania, from hitting the streets. He’s committed to running outside every single day between August 8 and September 8, to raise money for a friend with cancer, according to Runner’s World.

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Six-year-old Isabella O’Brien is fighting Stage 4 alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare cancer involving soft tissue tumors. Her diagnosis came last March, and she is currently undergoing 42 weeks of chemotherapy and proton therapy.

“I was afraid because she is really little and it’s rare to get cancer,” Tarapchak told Runner’s World. “I have a little sister, too, and I would be nervous if she got it. I know it costs a lot of money.”

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And he made some serious strides: Tarapchak’s longest run to date was 6.2 miles and he’s raised over $11,000, according to Runner’s World. Talk about running with heart!

While most of O’Brien’s treatment is covered by insurance, her family plans to use the donations for additional costs like purchasing wigs and flying to Philadelphia for medical care. “For an 11-year-old kid deciding to do something like this so selflessly for someone else, his parents should be very proud of him,” Isabella’s dad told Runner’s World. “Most kids want to spend their summer going to the pool or parties, but Ryan wants to spend every day running in 95-degree weather to raise money for someone else.”

Tarapchak has already surpassed his GoFundMe goal, and he’s continuing to accept donations. His challenge wraps up tomorrow. Now who’s ready to run with him?

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