Science-Backed Activities That Make You Smile

Science-Backed Ways Exercise Makes You Smile
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If you could live out your Bitmoji, what would it say or do? Sure, it’s normal to have bad days every now and then, but sometimes the best remedy for a down-and-out mood starts with stepping out into the world. (We’ll take a slow jog or a few squats, too!) Why? Working out releases happifying hormones (aka endorphins) that have the power to relieve anxiety and stress and help transform your outlook.

Whether your antidote is running, HIIT, weight training, swimming or biking, your arm, leg and abdominal muscles aren’t the only ones hard at work. Your most important muscle — the heart — will also benefit from the uplifting effects of exercise. Did we mention the way you carry yourself can also boost your mood? Even if you have to fake it sometimes, putting a smile on your face can help instill more positive energy into your day. And then there’s posture. Standing tall or sitting straight at your desk will instantly give you confidence and feelings of power.

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Check out the infographic below from our friends at Happify, who break down the many research-backed ways movement can manifest into joy.

Science-Backed Ways Exercise Makes You Smile
Infographic: Happify, a website and app that uses science-based interactive activities aimed at making you happier.

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