3 Easy Yoga Poses to Help Wake You Up

The 3-Pose Yoga Flow to Wake You Up
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Some mornings, getting out of bed can feel like a serious chore. But instead of hitting snooze on repeat — which often leads to a stressful start — step into a more peaceful headspace with this simple yoga flow.

“Yoga is a great way to ease you mindfully into your day,” says Kristin Condon, yoga instructor and producer on Daily Burn 365. Deep rhythmic breathing blended with energizing postures helps get your blood flowing to promote wakefulness, she adds.

The flow doesn’t have to be complicated, either. Condon shares a three-pose sequence that’ll enhance your energy levels before you even leave your bedroom. Better yet, if you find yourself dozing off at your desk, you can take this yoga flow outside for a way to wake up midday — and get a mood boost. Consider it your new caffeine-free pick-me-up.

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Wake Up with This Energizing Yoga Flow

Condon suggests starting this sequence with a few rounds of cat-cow pose on your hands and knees. Then lift your hips to hit a downward-facing dog. Remember to breathe slowly in and out through the nose. “Think of dropping your breath down into your pelvis,” Condon says. You should take about three to five breathes per posture, moving on an inhale or exhale. Go with the flow on one side, then repeat on the other. “It can take as little as five minutes, but it will change your day,” Condon says. We’ll say namaste to that.

The 3-Pose Yoga Flow to Wake You Up
Photos: Ryan Kelly / Daily Burn

1. 3-Legged Dog

Activate your entire core as you get your blood flowing with this pose, says Condon. You’ll also stretch out your lower half and your shoulders.

How to: From the downward-facing dog pose, press the floor away with your hands and engage your arms and legs. Lift your right leg to the sky to create one long line down the back of your body, from your lifted heel to the crown of your head. Keep your hips in line and squared toward the ground. Take a few breathes here.

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2. Crescent Low Lunge 

“This pose opens the entire chest cavity, which makes for easier deep breathing, plus better posture all day long,” says Condon. “It also opens the hips and pelvis, and can ease tension that builds there from sitting and walking — even before the day begins.” Plus, while most of us spend the day looking down, this forces you to look up. It’s a great way to lift up your spirits, too, Condon adds.

How to: Starting from the 3-legged dog, step your right leg forward between your hands, pressing your foot into the floor with your knee in line with your second toe. Place your back left knee on the ground. Bring your arms up toward the sky, palms facing each other. Look up toward the sky as you lift up and out of your low back, abs engaged. Think about lengthening out of the pose, rather than pressing into it, Condon suggests.

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3. Low Lunge Twist

You’ll generate heat throughout the body on this pose, Condon explains, as you lengthen through your trunk and stretch out your hips. On each exhale, try to twist a little further.

How to: Flowing from your low lunge, lift your back left knee off the ground and lift out of the backbend so your shoulders are over your hips, back straight. Get steady on your feet, then twist from your waist to your right side. Place your left hand inside your right foot, and lift your right arm to the sky. Avoid twisting only at your neck and shoulders.

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