Here’s How Many Calories Are in Your Cocktail [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s that time again, when we raise a glass in celebration of all that we accomplished this year, and all that lies ahead. But do you know exactly what’s in that party cup? While no cocktail is necessarily “healthy,” it’s no secret that some alcoholic beverages can pack significantly more calories than others. And when you add in sugary mixers, there’s no telling how much progress you’re undoing by night’s end.

So how do you spot the calorie bombs from the slightly-less-sinful mixed drinks? Is clear really better? (Gin and tonic, we’re onto you!) And what about those Dude-approved White Russians? See how your favorite vinos, cocktails and shots stack up in the calorie comparison below. Plus, get tips on how to tweak your order to shave off excess cals and unwanted additives. Once you’ve picked your poison, always remember to sip responsibly!

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How Many Calories Are in Your Cocktail? Alcohol by the Numbers

Calories in Cocktails - How Your Drink Measures Up INFOGRAPHIC

The Calorie Count Verdict

Calories in Wine

Champagne: 105-125 calories
White wine: 110-125 calories
Red wine: 110-130 calories

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Calories in Mixed Drinks

Mimosa: 87 calories
Old fashioned: 118 calories
Margarita: 120 calories
Mojito: 135 calories
Vodka tonic: 137 calories
Rum and coke: 143 calories
Screwdriver: 145 calories
Daiquiri: 148 calories
Gin and tonic: 151 calories
White Russian: 152 calories
Whiskey sour: 156 calories
Martini: 161 calories
Pina colada: 170 calories
Dark n’ stormy: 172 calories
Sex on the beach: 179 calories
Tequila sunrise: 200 calories
Vodka and Red Bull: 206 calories
Cosmo: 218 calories
Long Island iced tea: 218 calories

Calories in Shots

Vodka Jell-o shot: 94 calories
Vodka shot: 96 calories
Rum shot: 96 calories
SoCoand lime shot: 100 calories
Tequila shot: 104 calories
Whiskey shot: 105 calories
Jagermeister: 155 calories

Sip or Skip?

How does your favorite cocktail rank in the cheat sheet above? Are any of the counts sobering enough to make you re-think your order? Good news is: It’s easy to put a healthier spin on your nights out, from choosing club soda over tonic to saying no to prepackaged mixers. For a few quick ideas, check out these 10 Tips for Lower-Calorie Cocktails.

Originally posted on September 26, 2013. Updated December 2017. 

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