The Two-Second Trick to Slash Calories From Your Pizza

Pizza Calories Lessen When Blotted
Photo: Pond5

Even though we preach healthy eating here at DailyBurn, we’re not immune to splurging from time to time — especially on something as delicious as pizza. (Plus, we’re based in New York City — where we’ve got the best pies on Earth!)

While it’s easy to cook up a wealth of low-carb options at home, restaurant pizza is often served up hot — and greasy. And now that pizza season (errrr, football season) is here, we’re expecting a lot more slices to start appearing on our plates.

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But in order to stave off extra calories and fat, some of us (slowly raises hand) have been conditioned to blot the grease off with napkins, almost ritualistically. And while we were never really sure how well that method worked, the folks over at Labdoor took a closer look.

We’ll let you read through their findings in the infographic below (who knew Americans eat 23 pounds of the cheesy stuff each year?). But the bottom line is that you could potentially lose two pounds a year by just blotting every single one of your slices. Literally. That’s it. How could you say no to using that napkin now?

How to Slash Your Pizza Calories, Stat

Infographic on Blotting Pizza for Less Calories and Fat
Infographic: Labdoor

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