What Trainers Really Drink at Happy Hour

What Trainers Really Drink at Happy Hour

It might seem like that superhuman specimen leading your spin class never strays a moment from strictly counting macros or meal prepping their lunches. Wrong! Turns out, you might just find your trainer on the next stool at the bar. Hey, who can say ‘no’ to a full-bodied wine or a hoppy IPA once in a while? And with research published in the British Medical Journal touting the benefits of the occasional drink, why not? Here’s​ what makes a few of our favorite trainers happiest at happy hour.

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7 Healthier Happy Hour Orders from Trainers

What Trainers Really Drink at Happy Hour
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1. Noa Ries

CEO and Founder of VIE ACTIVE
Drink Order: Blanco tequila with fresh squeezed orange and lime
“As​ much as I enjoy the taste of wine, drinking ​it can upset my stomach. And certain tannins make me feel hung over the next day, even if I’ve only had one glass. I recently discovered ​— and fell in love with —​ good-quality blanco agave tequila. My favorite is Casa Amigos​, which is ​George Clooney’s brand​! It’s gluten-​free​ and​​ has no added sugars. I drink it when I​’​m out with either soda and fresh lime or a squeeze of fresh orange juice and lime.”

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What Trainers Really Drink at Happy Hour
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​​2. Ryan Halvorson

Personal ​t​rainer at Bird Rock Fit and senior editor for the IDEA Health & Fitness Association
Drink Order: Fire Walk With Me from Kindred in San Diego, CA
“I try to keep ​my drinks free of calorie-dense, sugary extras​, ​so​ I typically stick to ​options ​that only ​have ​sugar from alcohol. Th​e Fire Walk With Me drink is​ made ​with tequila, vermouth, Cocchi Torino, bitters and flamed oranges. It​ packs some serious kick and sets the stage for a hot date​.” Phot​o: Courtesy of ​Ryan Halvorson​

What Trainers Really Drink at Happy Hour
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3. Galina and Roland Denzel

Co-authors of Eat Well, Move Well, Live Well
Drink Order: A locally brewed sour beer and honey blonde beer
Beer is our favorite alcoholic drink because of its high water content. Beyond that, the hops have a mild and calming effect… As a product of natural fermentation, it’s a drink that has been with our ancestors for a long time, and it brings important probiotics and soluble fibers. We can easily have just one beer and it takes a long time to drink it, versus a small pour of wine for the same amount of alcohol and calories.”

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What Trainers Really Drink at Happy Hour
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4. K​ate Hanley

Yoga instructor and author of Stress Less
Drink Order: Vodka martini​
“I always have a martini because​ in my opinion,​ vodka is the ​’​cleanest​’​ spirit​, meaning it’s less likely to give ​me​ a hangover​, and the cocktail itself is low in carbs​​.​ ​It only takes one to feel it! I ask for it made dry, dirty and served with as many olives as they’ll give me. It feels very fancy in a Rat Pack kind of way.

What Trainers Really Drink at Happy Hour
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5. Lauren and Kelly Collins

SISSFiT co-founders, trainers and fitness models​​
Drink Order: Vodka Pina Croix Lada
“Whether we​’r​e enjoying the beaches of Southern California or lying poolside, we like to​ indulge​​ in cocktail​s​ that makes us feel like we​’​re on a tropical vacation. As kids, we loved virgin pina coladas​,​ but we typically avoid the​ high-calorie cocktail. Instead, we enjoy a ‘Vodka Pina Croix Lada,’ ou​r​ delicious, low​-​cal​orie​ version of the pina colada! ​It​ has only three simple ingredients: vodka, coconut-flavored La Croix and a splash of organic pineapple juice over ice. When we’re out, we recreate this drink by asking the bartender for a shot of vodka with a splash of pineapple.​” Photo: Courtesy of ​Lauren and Kelly Collins

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What Trainers Really Order at Happy Hour
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6. Katrina Shaw

Fitness DVD host, personal trainer and founder of Box Mania Fitness​
Drink Order: ​Citrus Vodka Splash
​”​You can enjoy this drink anywhere. Most often, I mix it up at home! When I’m out, I order vodka (lime-flavored when available) and water, then I add my own flavoring there. I use Isagenix AMPED Hydrate powder in juicy orange, which only adds 15 calories to the 100 to 200-calorie drink and has no artificial sweeteners. It tastes so good! You could opt for other brands and flavors of powdered drink mixes, too.” Photo: Courtesy of Katrina Shaw

What Trainers Really Drink at Happy Hour
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7. Taylor Gainor and Justin Norris

Co-founders of the LIT Method
Drink Order: Sake
“Sake is low in calories, and since it’s not as potent as liquor in terms of the alcohol level, it’s less likely to lead to a hangover. It’s a good go-to for fitness peeps like us​. If you​’​r​e​ lucky​,​ the owner of Sushi by H will take a shot with you!”

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