How Do You Measure Up to These Sleep Statistics?

How Much Sleep Do Americans Get?

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We get it, sleep can occasionally fall off the priority list, sometime after you decide to work out every morning and meal prep most nights. But it shouldn’t. Scientists have found a slew of reasons you need to catch those zzz’s, including links between a lack of shut-eye and weight gain, increased risk of driving accidents, munchies that mimic marijuana use and even gestational diabetes in pregnant women.

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The good news, though: The average sleep time in America does hit the recommended amount of seven hours, according to the below infographic from But how does your sleep schedule measure up to your hometown and the nation? Check out the details below — shown by region — to find out.

Exactly How Much Sleep the Average American Gets Each Night

How Much Sleep Do Americans Get?

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If you fall below those numbers, don’t be afraid to sneak in a nap midday. Research shows it can actually help improve thinking and memory later in life. Experts also suggest setting a consistent bedtime to snag those seven hours, as doing so assists in regulating your circadian rhythm. (In other words, you’ll feel less groggy come morning.) A good bedtime goal: 10:30 p.m., which found is the earliest time Americans hit the sheets — the average in Clifton, AZ. The latest U.S. bedtime occurs in (unsurprisingly!) New York City, where dwellers put their heads down just before midnight.

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America's Bedtime Infographic

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It could also comfort you to know you’re not alone if you get less than seven hours of zzz’s. In fact, about 30 to 40 percent of people in most U.S. states fall below the guidelines. (Check out the infographic below for details.) Luckily, we have some advice that can help you sleep better, including these tips, yoga poses and gadgets. Plus, find out how to tell when you’ve reach exhaustion level.

Which States Struggle with Sleep Infographic

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Another reason you could have trouble getting solid shut-eye? Your microbiome. Read all about the sleep-gut connection here.