Your Healthy & Happy Autumn Bucket List

Turn the calendar page, and ta-da – it’s nearly autumn! While many people welcome a new season and are ready for pumpkin spice everything, this change can also be tough for some. Nature starts transitioning to the winter season and, as days grow shorter with less light, sunshine and warmth, you might find yourself feeling the “autumn blues.” 

While staying home and wrapped in a cozy blanket is fun on some fall Saturdays, getting out and about will boost your mood and energy levels. Here, we’ve designed seven amazing autumn checklists with dozens of fabulous ideas for you to get inspired for an active fall filled with fun.

1. Mood Boosting Checklist for an Amazing Fall

Meet the new season with a focus on positive feelings and productive vibes only. Moving through the Mood Boosting Checklist will help keep your spirits lifted, even when the weather is trying to rain on your parade. 

2. 30-Day Mood Tracker 

Daily mood tracking is a great way to note any mood shifts as the seasons change, and is a helpful self-awareness tool in general. It helps you understand your feelings better and notice patterns and changes in your moods and emotions throughout the month. Mark the leaves with the colors reflecting your daily frame of mind, and challenge yourself to make energetic and happy leaves-days prevail on your drawing. 

3. Weekly Workout Checklist for the Fittest Fall of Your Life

Lack of sunlight, decreased oxygen concentration in the air, and being more susceptible to seasonal sickness can make us feel a little rundown during autumn months, and it can get tricky to find the energy to push yourself through a workout. Try these powerful combinations of short but highly effective exercise circuits that will immediately wipe out autumn lethargy, get your whole body moving throughout the week, and help you stay on your fitness track this fall. 

4. Autumn Immunity Boost Checklist

Our immune system can be more vulnerable to illness during the summer to winter seasonal shift, but some simple practices can help create your immune-boosting army. A single vitamin won’t solve everything, unfortunately, so we created a special Autumn Immunity Boost Checklist to give more suggestions and tips for staying healthy. 

5. 30-Day Step & Time Outdoors Tracker

Walking for 30 minutes a day (approximately 3000 steps) is a great way to maintain your overall health, scientists say. In turn, spending time outdoors is proven to be super beneficial for mental and physical health improvement, which is especially relevant in the fall season when our lungs can crave a deep breath of fresh air. Add more walking into your daily routine by taking stairs instead of the elevator, getting off public transport one or two stops earlier, or walking (not driving) to run errands. Plus, a good old walk in the park or weekend hike is always a good idea!

6. 10 Fun Activities To Make You Happy This Autumn

Summer has a reputation for being the most fun season, but there’s no shortage of exciting fall activities to try! With this list of undeniably fun indoor and outdoor pastimes, you won’t be bored even when the weather is not so welcoming. 

7. 10 Weekend Ideas to Try This Fall

And last but not least, your weekends: the best part of any week, but especially in the fall. Bring some excitement to your weekdays by planning something special and entertaining for the weekend, and change it up! Try something either active and energetic or cozy and relaxing, for yourself only or with your family and friends. Approach each weekend as a mini-vacation, and see how these little adventures make the rest of the week fly right by. 

Now you’re fully armed for an enjoyable autumn of adventures! Get ready to fall into your best and coziest season ever. 

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