13 Insanely Drool-Worthy Pizza Recipes for Breakfast

13 Insanely Drool-Worthy Breakfast Pizza Recipes

If you think breakfast pizza is a microwaved slice of last night’s delivery, think again. Let us introduce you to homemade breakfast pizza, which is insanely satisfying and 100 percent-approved for the morning. And thanks to loads of vegetables, fruit and even the occasional egg, a slice of this is far more nutritious than most carb-filled breakfast items. Looking to revamp your brunch and have a healthier weekend? Say yes to the ‘za.

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13 Delicious Breakfast Pizza Recipes


1. Oaty Breakfast Pizza
This gorgeous option will make you forget all about regular old flapjacks. You can’t go wrong with bananas, which are naturally low in fat and cholesterol. Paired with blueberries and raspberries, the fruit complements the fluffy pancake beneath. Finish off your dish with a drizzle of something sweet. (May we recommend peanut butter or maple syrup?) Photo and recipe: Stacey / Goodness Is Gorgeous

Farmers Market Veggie Pizza

2. Farmers Market Vegetable Breakfast Pizza
Thanks to a large helping of zucchini, squash, kale and onions, the farmers market pie here is so veggie-packed, it’s almost at salad status. What takes it to the next level? The flavorful fresh sauce made with coconut oil, garlic, onions and cherry tomatoes. Feel free to add in extra vegetables when they’re in season — the more, the better. Photo and recipe: Kaylee / Lemons & Basil

Cauliflower Crust Breakfast Pizza

3. Breakfast Cauliflower Pizza with Eggs and Leek, Bacon
Some mornings, it’s especially important to have a full stomach to take on the day. Enter: this high-protein, gluten-free pizza. Thanks to a cauliflower crust, you’ll get a hit of vitamin C, fiber and potassium, plus a dose of slow-digesting fiber. And with offbeat toppings like leeks paired with mushrooms, bacon and eggs, this pie is much more morning-friendly compared to your average sausage and cheese takeout slice. Photo and recipe: Taylor Kiser / Food, Faith, Fitness

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Bacon and Egg Breakfast Pizza Recipe

4. Bacon, Eggs and Phyllo Breakfast Pizza
Trying to avoid a carb-heavy crust? A light phyllo-baked pizza can squash your ‘za craving. With satisfying toppings like bacon and eggs, this pie will be perfectly at home in your brunch spread. Plus, the phyllo’s unique texture is sure to keep your taste buds interested. Photo and recipe: Katerina Petrovska / Diethood

Berry Breakfast Pizza

5. Mixed Berry Breakfast Pizza
Does your sweet tooth come out in the morning? This fruit-filled recipe is for you. Pita bread stands in for crust, while a sprinkling of cinnamon and sugar and mascarpone cheese team up for a hit of creamy sweetness. A fruity sauce of mixed berries and orange zest puts a beautiful finishing touch on your masterpiece. Top with fresh berries to finish. Photo and recipe: Cheryl Sousan / Tidy Mom

Ham and Cheese Breakafast Pizza

6. Ham and Egg Breakfast Pizza
No judgment if you decide to eat this pretty pie for breakfast and dinner. Another alternative to traditional crust, naan bread is sturdy enough to hold all the toppings your heart desires. The rest of the recipe is a no-nonsense approach: top with sauce, Pecorino Romano, ham, eggs, basil and a few dollops of fresh ricotta. Slice it up and dig in. Photo and recipe: Anna and Lisa / Garnished with Lemon

Baked Galettes Breakfast PIzza

7. Red Pepper and Baked Egg Gallete
This mini pizza (technically dubbed a “gallete”) is the perfect ration for one — talk about built-in portion control! But small doesn’t mean flavorless, thanks to thick slices of red peppers and onions along with a slew of herbs including cumin, coriander, parsley, cilantro and fresh thyme.Photo and recipe: Sue Moran / The View from Great Island

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8. Strawberry Lemon Cream Pie Breakfast Pizza
This recipe may not taste like your typical ‘za, but it’s still got the same delicious spirit. Baked oats form the crust, yogurt stands in for sauce and lemon zest, crushed walnuts and strawberry slices are your unorthodox toppings. Whip up the mini crust during the weekend and build with toppings all week long. Photo and recipe: Bethany and Rachel / Athletic Avocado

Avocado Asparagus Breakfast Pizza

9. Breakfast Pizza with Avocado and Asparagus
Got leftover vegetables in the fridge? Throw them on this pizza. Not many recipes can make eating your greens in the morning look this good. Get your veggie fix early with avocado and asparagus next to eggs, tomatoes and bacon. Photo and recipe: Brita Britnell / B Britnell

Smoked Salmon Avocado Pizza

10. Smoked Salmon Breakfast Pizza
Skip the boring bagel and opt for this creative meal instead. Salmon delivers a dose of protein — a whopping 11 grams per serving — while avocado delivers good-for-you fats. A delicious cream cheese spread and a sprinkling of arugula ties all the flavors together. Pass on the mozzarella cheese and use whole wheat pizza if you’re not looking to indulge. Photo and recipe: Karina/Café Delites

Paleo Breakfast Pizza

11. Paleo Breakfast Pizza
The paleo crust is what sets this breakfast pizza apart from the rest. But the trick to the “dough” isn’t just the ingredients (a combination of tapioca and coconut flour along with ground flaxseed and palm shortening.) It’s all about rolling it all out to the right thickness. Don’t go thinner than a third of an inch here. Topped with fresh ground beef, chorizo, bacon and an egg, this protein-packed meal will fuel you through your day. Photo and recipe: Lexi Kornblum / Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

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Blackberry Breakfast Pizza

12. Blackberry Ricotta Pizza With Basil
Say hello to the perfect combination of salty-meets-sweet. Shredded parmesan, ricotta and mozzarella come together to deliver a particularly gooey trifecta of cheese. Meanwhile, mashed and whole blackberries give tart and sweet flavor and a dose of antioxidant-packed flavonoids, healthy molecules that are also responsible for the berries’ deep purple hue. Sprinkle a touch of basil on top for a refreshing finish that won’t leave you feeling bogged down all day long. Photo and recipe: Karen Gifford / The Food Charlatan

Rainbow Fruit Breakfast Pizza

13. Mini Rainbow Fruit
This colorful pizza tart basically sells itself. With a rainbow of colors, you get all the nutrition that our favorite fruits have to offer. (Think: Manganese-rich pineapple and vitamin C-rich kiwis, oranges and watermelon.) Swap in Greek yogurt instead of mascarpone cheese and you’ll slim down the recipe significantly. Photo and recipe: Krissy Allori / Self-Proclaimed Foodie

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