8 Healthier Finger Food Recipes

8 Guilt-Free Finger FoodRecipes

As innocent as they may look, bite-sized appetizers are often fried or loaded with over-processed and less-than-healthy ingredients. So pass up the puff pastry-covered goodies in favor of these finger food alternatives from healthy recipe bloggers around the web. You’ll be a dinner party hero in no time.

Finger Food Soba Cucumber Cups via The Kitchn

1. Chilled Soba in Cucumber Cups
These cucumber cuties are simple, stylish and easy to make. Paired with soba noodles, a thin, buckwheat-based specialty that hails from Japan, these bite-sized cups are a good source of fiber and manganese, and are also gluten-free. Just make sure to check that the soba noodles don’t have any added wheat flour. Photo and Recipe: Emma Christensen / The Kitchn

Finger Food Creamy AvocadoYogur tDip via Two Peas And Their Pod

2. Creamy Avocado Yogurt Dip
Move over, guac. This creamy but guilt-free dip deserves to be front and center at your next fiesta. The rich texture comes from protein-packed Greek Yogurt and two ripe avocados, loaded with fiber and vitamin C. Serve with some whole-wheat pita chips or sliced raw veggies. Photo and Recipe: Maria & Josh Lichty / Two Peas & Their Pod

Finger Food Watermelon Cups via Inspired Taste

3. Watermelon Cups with Feta and Mint
The sweet and salty combo of watermelon and feta will hit the spot on a hot summer day. Plus, with only five ingredients (watermelon, feta, cucumber, mint and EVOO), this recipe is super easy to make and requires no baking (hooray!). Consider serving them as a party-pleasing appetizer or side dish. Photo and Recipe: Joanne & Adam Gallagher / Inspired Taste

Finger Food Bora Bora Fireballs via The Clothes Make The Girl

4. Bora Bora Fireballs
Go cuckoo for coconut with these tropical-tasting pork meatballs. Ground pork has fewer calories and fat than ground beef, but with about the same amount of protein to keep you satisfied. The Paleo-friendly fireballs get their sweetness from crushed pineapple and shredded coconut., while cayenne pepper, dried ginger and  jalapeño spice things up. Photo: David Humphreys. Recipe: Melissa Joulwan / The Clothes Make The Girl. 

Finger Food Beet Pesto Crostini Dishing up the Dirt

5. Beet Pesto Crostini
Liven up a sliced baguette or gluten-free crackers with this tasty beet pesto recipe, perfect for any summer soirée. Available all year long (but best from June through October), beets are chock-full of potassium, fiber and vitamin C. Top the pesto with a sprinkle of goat cheese and basil for a party-pleasing spread that’s ready in 20 minutes or less. Photo and Recipe: Andrea / Dishing Up The Dirt

Finger Food Baked Zucchini Fries via Smells Like Home

6. Crispy Baked Zucchini Fries
Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, and no frying required! Panko breadcrumbs give these zucchini “fries” a crunch that has less than half the fat of normal French fries. Plus, this colorful summer favorite is a good source of fiber, vitamin C, magnesium and potassium. To dip, skip the ranch, and go for a healthier homemade dressing with Greek yogurt (like this recipe from Ali at Gimme Some Oven). Photo and Recipe: Tara / Smells Like Home

Finger Food Skinny Mini Lasagna via Fit Housewife

7. Skinny Mini Lasagna Cups
Mamma mia! Making lasagna is usually a time-intensive process, but these bite-sized lasagna cups are a cinch to make. Using wonton wrappers instead of pasta (and don’t forget the spinach!), these hors d’oeuvres put a healthier twist on the Italian favorite. Photo and Recipe: Jen / The Fit Housewife

Finger Food Spicy Sweet Potato Hummus via Novice Chef Blog

8. Spicy Sweet Potato Hummus
Talk about a healthy snack attack! This hummus pairs sweet potatoes, a great source of fiber and vitamin A, and chickpeas, which are high in protein and fiber. Serve it with whole-wheat pita chips — and cross your fingers there are leftovers for sandwiches and wraps. Photo and Recipe: Jessica / The Novice Chef Blog

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