What’s for Dinner? 8 Seafood and Wine Pairings

What’s for Dinner? 8 Seafood Recipes, Plus Wine Pairings

Warm weather has us dreaming of sunset dinner dates, delicious seafood and crisp glasses of wine. The good news: You don’t have to dine out at an expensive restaurant to make that happen. Save yourself the pricey bill — and probably lots of calories — by creating a cozy dinner date night right at home.

These mouth-watering seafood recipes, plus the best wine pairings, prove that you can enjoy a meal just as gourmet as a restaurant. And one that’s way more nutritious. Serve ‘em up for your S.O. or have the crew over for a seafood and bubbly soiree. We promise your guests will be impressed.

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8 Healthy Seafood Recipes and the Perfect Wine Pairings

Seafood Recipes + Wine Pairings: Sea Bass with Cannellini Bean Stew + Pinot Grigio

1. Sea Bass with Cannellini Bean Stew
Pair it with Pinot Grigio

Full of fresh veggies and lean protein, this seared sea bass works well with crisp and light Pinot Grigio. The hint of sweet in the vino balances out the hearty texture and taste of the stew. Serve leftovers of this white wine (if leftovers are ever a thing!) with any summer soup, from gazpacho to sweet corn bisque. Photo and recipe: Sylvia Fountaine / Feasting at Home

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Seafood Recipes + Wine Pairings: Almond-Crusted Halibut with Lemon Garlic Butter Recipe + Chenin Blanc

2. Almond-Crusted Halibut with Lemon Garlic Butter
Pair it with Chenin Blanc

Uncork a bottle of oaked Chenin Blanc to enjoy with this gluten-free crunchy halibut recipe. With hints of melon, orange and buttery richness, this white grape wine is a pleasant complement to the lemon-garlic butter topping on your fish. If you’re watching your fat and calorie intake, just cut the quantity of butter per serving in half. You’ll still dig into plenty of decadent flavors! Photo and recipe: Sam / Ahead of Thyme

Seafood Recipes + Wine Pairings: Cilantro-Lime Grilled Swordfish Recipe + Dry Rose

3. Cilantro-Lime Grilled Swordfish
Pair it with Dry Rosé

We’re keeping it simple with swordfish, citrus and cilantro. This grilled seafood “steak” makes for one extremely healthful and muscle-building dinner, too. Since swordfish errs on the meaty side, and darker meats taste incredible with darker wines, try it with a dry rosé from France for a decadent balance. Photo and recipe: Rachel Farnsworth / The Stay at Home Chef

Seafood Recipes + Wine Pairings: Grilled Pineapple and Lobster Salad Recipe + Chablis

4. Grilled Pineapple and Lobster Salad
Pair it with Chablis

When you’re enjoying boiled or grilled lobster dipped in butter, an oaky chardonnay is a common pairing. But with a delicate, nutritious, mayo-free treatment like you’ll find in this chilled fruit and seafood salad, try Chablis. The mineral-forward, acidic white is a nice match for the fresh fruit and herbs. Photo and recipe: Sonia / The Healthy Foodie

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Seafood Recipes + Wine Pairings: Tequila-Glazed Grilled Shrimp Recipe + Vinho Verde

5. Tequila-Glazed Grilled Shrimp
Pair it with Vinho Verde

Crisp and oh-so-drinkable, Vinho Verde is a delightful match for these shrimp skewers. The bit of fizz in the wine works well with the jalapeno spice and the tanginess of the lime and orange juice. With most bottles of Vinho Verde costing less than $20, this low-alcohol Portuguese wine is the ultimate easy-drinking warm-weather wine to enjoy with spicy Mexican food. Photo and recipe: Perry Santanachote

Seafood Recipes + Wine Pairings: Thai Tuna Power Bowl Recipe + Gewurztraminer

6. Thai Tuna Power Bowl
Pair it with Gewürztraminer

Gewürztraminer — a white wine that offers both floral and baking spice notes — is an excellent choice to partner with curries, peanut sauces and more. (Fun fact: “Gewurzt” translates to “spice” in German.) With everything from cayenne to ginger to cilantro, this low-cal tuna bowl is anything but low in flavor. Photo and recipe: Amanda Powell / Cookie Named Desire

Seafood Recipes + Wine Pairings: Healthy Crab Cake Mac & Cheese Recipe + Riesling or Champagne

7. Healthy Crab Cake Mac & Cheese
Pair it with Riesling or Champagne

Top a seafood dish with a squeeze of citrus, and it’s a natural choice to pick a wine with lemon notes like a dry, low-alcohol German Riesling. But since this dish includes plenty of cheese — and bubbly is the ultimate cheese pairing — you could also pop a bottle of Champagne. This recipe is the ultimate seafood- and waistline-friendly take on a comfort food. Photo and recipe: Stephanie Czako / The Foodie and the Fix

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Seafood Recipes + Wine Pairings: Seared Scallops Recipe + Albarino

8. Seared Scallops with Quinoa and Apple Salad and Butternut Squash Puree
Pair it with Albarino

A common food and wine tip: “What grows together goes together.” In other words, wines made with grapes grown near water go well with the catch of the day. Try Spanish Albarino with this simple skillet-cooked scallops recipe. This seafood is naturally a bit sweet, so serving it with the slightly nutty and tangy white wine hits all the flavor notes you and your dinner date crave. Photo and recipe: Brian Samuels / A Thought For Food

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