Smoothie Art: Our Latest Instagram Obsession

Smoothie Art - Our New Instagram Obsession

Our favorite food bloggers do NOT disappoint when it comes to healthy inspiration on Instagram. Their latest and greatest creations? Ornately decorated smoothies that are almost too pretty to eat. These aren’t your average shaker bottle protein shakes, folks.

From picture-perfect parfaits to bowls studded with fruit and nuts to brightly colored sips, you need to feast your eyes on this edible smoothie art. We guarantee these smoothie ‘grams will make you want to double tap — and run to your kitchen to whip up a masterpiece of your own. (Need inspiration? Get started with these seven scrumptious smoothie recipes as a base, and remember to always “stack” your smoothie layers starting with the heaviest mix on the bottom.)

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13 Mouthwatering Smoothie Art Instagram Pics

1. Tropical Trio (@blueberrysmoothies)
We want to dive our spoons right into one of these minty blue-green glasses. Creamy avocado and vegan-friendly spirulina give it satiating power as well as its beautiful turquoise hue. Petite star fruits put an elegant finishing touch that sets these green smoothies apart from the rest. Steal the recipe here.

2. Bowl Us Over (@serenagwolf)
We spike this smoothie bowl with kombucha to give it a fizzy and tangy kick. Whether you think that’s gross or genius, you need to check out this snazzy strawberry kombucha recipe. This blogger’s fruit topping game is seriously on point.

3. Flower Power (@healthyeating_jo)
This beautiful lavender-mint beverage is chockfull of good-for-you superfoods, including maqui, an antioxidant-packed berry. The edible flower is just the proverbial cherry on the cake, here.

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4. Pastel Perfection (@welfulliving)
It’s a rainbow of smoothies in this ‘gram. Pomegranates, dragon fruit and kiwi — oh my! ROYGBIV never looked so good.

6. Strawberry Sunrise (@fernatjhia)
Wake and [protein] shake! This bowl decorated with a chia sun is the perfect way to start your day with some healthy omega-3s.

6. Smoothie on Fiyah (@kaycarrera)
Who needs cake? Stick a candle in this thick and creamy green smoothie and all your birthday wishes will come true. (Maybe.) The green hue comes from spirulina, a blue-green algae that’s rich in minerals, iron and protein.

7. Pina Colada Style (@smoothie_world)
Escape your workweek with this tropical treat. Berry smoothie served in a pineapple bowl? Don’t mind if we do.

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8. Ombre Your Way (@alison__wu)
Layering FIVE different smoothies in your glass takes dedication, but the work will certainly pay off. Marionberries, a berry native to Oregon, give this parfait a royal purple hue.

9. Acai Party Bowl (@vanillacrunch)
Coconut is rich in good-for-you saturated fats, so you’ll feel plenty satisfied after digging into this hearty smoothie bowl. Just don’t actually eat all of the coconut meat in this bowl, since that’s around 700 calories, not counting your smoothie!

Smoothie Art Recipes: Our Latest Instagram Obsession

Photo: @vega_team

10. Cheesecake Craving (@vega_team)
Sprinkle graham crackers on top of your post-workout smoothie for an extra special crunch. Cashew butter makes this non-dairy recipe extra creamy.

11. Smooth(ie) Criminals (@elsas_wholesomelife)
Grab your partner in crime and some hollowed-out coconuts for these vibrant breakfasts. Purple or green, you can’t go wrong with these fruity toppings.

12. Delicious Duet (@tallinegabriel)
Ditch the straw — you’ll need a spoon to eat this indulgent breakfast. You’re looking at a fruit smoothie on the right and quinoa porridge on the left. Recreate the porridge with this easy recipe.

Smoothie Art Recipes: Our Latest Instagram Obsession

Photo: @eatmeraww

13. Cheers to Your Health! (@eatmeraww)
Sharing is caring, especially when it comes to nutritious breakfasts. Slightly sweet and sour ruby-colored goji berries are a good source of vitamin C, and chia seeds bump up your protein and fiber.