10 Unexpected Omelet Recipes for Any Time of Day

Unexpected Omelet Recipes

Omelets: They’re what’s for dinner…and breakfast…and lunch. The word “omelet” may make you think of brunch, but these egg-based dishes can do so much more than provide a healthy and filling start to the day. In addition to being a great source of protein, eggs are a great source of vitamin A, B vitamins and choline. And whether you prefer whole eggs or just the whites, research shows that both can be perfectly healthy depending on your dietary goals. Traditional fillings are often fresh veggies, breakfast meats and cheeses, but don’t be afraid to get creative. We’ve rounded up 10 over-the-top omelet recipes to help you step up your kitchen game. (And if you’re not so confident in your omelet-folding skills, check out this simple technique.)

Greek Omelet

1. Simple Greek Quinoa Dinner Omelet
If you’re in the mood for breakfast for dinner, look no further than this protein- and veggie-packed recipe. Think of it as a Greek salad wrapped in egg! We suggest making a double batch of the filling — a blend of quinoa and Greek salad-inspired veggies — to enjoy as leftovers for lunch. Photo and Recipe: Tieghan / Half Baked Harvest

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 Huevos Rancheros Omelet

2. Huevos Rancheros Omelet
While a restaurant version of Huevos Rancheros can contain upwards of 700 calories, this recipe comes in at a much more reasonable 380 calories per serving. Instead of tortillas, each serving gets a hint of crunch from a sprinkling of crushed tortilla chips. The filling is simple — just beans, salsa, and cheese — but it’s the way those fillings are flavored with cumin, diced green chiles, lime juice and cilantro that create all the killer flavor. Photo and Recipe: Mom de Cuisine

 Mini Oven Omelets

3. Spinach, Tomato and Bacon Mini Oven Omelets
For meal planners and preppers, this recipe is a life-saver. Instead of cooking these omelets in a pan the traditional way, the egg mixture is baked in a muffin tin with fillings of your choice. They can be stored in a Tupperware container for up to a week, and are perfect as a healthy breakfast or snack when zapped in the microwave for 15 seconds. Photo and Recipe: Bucket of Yum

 Chicken and Apple Egg White Omelet

4. Chicken Apple Egg White Omelet
The combo of fillings in this egg white omelet is perfect to satisfy a big appetite. Plus, the dish is packed with protein thanks to the egg white and shredded chicken. Plus, serving it up open-faced, rather than the traditional folded method, makes it easier to put together without any breakage or flipping catastrophes. Photo and Recipe: Sonia / The Healthy Foodie

Pesto and Roasted Tomato Omelet

5. Pesto and Roasted Tomato Omelet
OK, so pesto and tomatoes might not be that unique in terms of fillings, but it’s the way those ingredients are prepared in this recipe that makes the end result so special. Rather than the classic basil and pine nut pesto, this one is made from kale, basil and pistachios. Pan roasting the tomatoes before folding in the egg also adds richness and sweetness to the flavor. Photo and Recipe: Ashley McLaughlin / Edible Perspective

Avocado, Goat Cheese, and Microgreens Omelet

6. Egg White Omelet with Avocado, Goat Cheese and Microgreens
Plain old egg whites can get boring, but that’s not a worry with this recipe not when they’re filled with out-of-the-ordinary ingredients. Creamy avocado and tangy goat cheese provide a rich, velvety texture and plenty of flavor, while microgreens add a vibrant touch. And there’s a healthy bonus here, too: Some research suggests that microgreens can contain as much as four to six times more nutrients then their mature counterparts. Photo and Recipe: Caitlin / The Merrythought

Egg White and Spinach Enchiladas

7. Breakfast Egg White and Spinach Omelet Enchiladas
An excuse to eat enchiladas for breakfast? Say no more. In this low-carb, gluten-free and protein-packed dish, egg whites take the place of tortillas. The egg white “tortillas” are filled with spinach, but you could sub in any other veggies or meats you like. Make these Paleo-friendly by skipping the cheese. (And yes, they work just as well for dinner.) Photo and Recipe: Gina Homolka / Skinnytaste

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Kale and Bacon Omelet Rollups

8. Bacon, Swiss and Kale Omelet Bites
Think of this recipe as…omelet sushi! Instead of folding the egg mixture in half with filings in the middle, this omelet gets rolled up like sushi. Remember: The thicker the egg mixture, the harder it will be to roll up around the add-ins. We recommend using a larger pan so that the egg has plenty of space to spread out and cook into a thin layer. Once it’s rolled, cut into bite-sized pieces and secure with toothpicks so they don’t fall apart. Photo and Recipe: Micki / Sight, Sound, and Sizzle

 Tuna Melt Omelet

9. Tuna Melt Omelet
Here’s an interesting twist on the classic tuna melt sandwich. Replace the bread with egg! The soft, delicate ingredient pairs exceptionally well with the creamy tuna filling. If you want to add a bit of freshness or crunch, feel free to top with handful of chopped cherry tomatoes or some toasted breadcrumbs. Photo and Recipe: Mike / The Iron You

 Green Spinach and Herb Omelet

10. Green Spinach and Herb Omelet
These super-thin herbaceous omelets are almost more like grain-free crepes. Gluten-free eaters: they can even easily be used as such. While the filling in this recipe includes greens and cheese, you can really use any veggies, meats or cheeses you like. Photo and Recipe: Sylvie / Gourmande in the Kitchen

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