The Cool New GPS Watches for Fitness Tracking

Best GPS Watches

Don’t get us wrong, getting up and active is always a good thing. Whether that’s by lifting weights, going mountain biking, or pounding the pavement for a few miles, a solid workout delivers more health benefits than we can list. But it can be even more rewarding when you can actually see the calories you’ve burned, track the altitude of those hills you biked, or log how many training miles you’ve run. GPS and heart rate watches allow you to do just that.

“These devices are all the rage because they take the guessing out of the effectiveness of your workout,” says Anja Garcia, DailyBurn trainer and creator of the new Inferno HR program (launching early next year), which places an emphasis on heart rate training. “From endurance runs, to HIIT workouts on DailyBurn, different watches can help you track and analyze your progress so you can make any needed changes to your workout in order to reach your goals faster.” Here are some of the best new watches on the market. Hint: They make great holiday gifts for fitness lovers!
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