VIDEO: Corbing, a New Way to Train Your Core

Breakdancing on top of a stability ball? That’s exactly what it looks like when Daniel Weiland demonstrates Corbing, a new training program he designed to challenge the core and improve balance — not to mention turn a few heads at the gym. For the past two years, Weiland has been developing the outside-the-box training program, which he now hopes to bring it to market through Indiegogo. Performing both dynamic movements and static poses, Weiland spins, rolls and even jumps on a stability ball, making it all look graceful. But moves like this require serious balls-to-the-wall effort!

An outdoor enthusiast and experienced base jumper (NBD), Weiland created Corbing to help take his fitness to the next level by training his muscles and body to be “smart” as well as strong. “What makes this training program so unique are the seamless interconnections and fluid nature made possible by transitional movements,” says Weiland.

In addition to developing core strength, coordination and body control, the Corbing program will help improve proprioception, or self-awareness of how the body moves in space. Athletes, take note: Proprioception training has been show to be effective in reducing risk of injury. It’s also an efficient way to rehabilitate and regain coordination after injury.

While beginners can expect a slippery learning curve before gaining the strength to rock n’ roll like Weiland, Corbing could be a fun, new way to challenge the body — assuming you can hang.

Are you ready give Corbing a spin? Let us know what you think in the comments below.   

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